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Readers Rides - October 2013

Oct 22, 2013
1968 Chevy 2/6

Picture Perfect
Ever since he was a kid, Doug Consaul knew he wanted a '68 Camaro. And like many of us, he had to wait until he was in the right financial position to fulfill his dream. "I began saving money about eight years ago. Once I started looking into the cost of the project and talking to other car enthusiasts, they advised me to save my money and take my time to find exactly what I wanted." It took two years, but Doug finally scored just the right Corvette Bronze SS 396 four-speed at the 2013 Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. "I live in Yuma, Arizona, so this winter I drove the car just about every weekend. Now that it's over 100 degrees during the day, I usually just take it for a quick spin every other week. Most of the trips I've taken it on are 50-mile loops around the Yuma area. The most fun I've had with the car so far was during the Midnight at the Oasis car show held in Yuma, Arizona. I'm looking forward to taking it to San Diego and heading up the coast," remarked Doug. And a big shout-out to photographer Trevor Howard who snapped these tasty shots of this beautiful drop-top resto.

 Chevy Camaro 3/6
1991 Chevy 4/6

Super Trooper
Back in the good old days when the law wanted something fast to chase down the lawless, they called GM and ordered up specially optioned Camaros. Dan Hodorwski's '91 served with the Michigan State Police from 1991 to 1997 and was then sold at auction. Dan bought the car in 2010, and at that point it was painted a nauseating flat black and lime green. As Dan told us, "I was then able to confirm through the original dealer invoice and evidence on the car which department used it. I then tracked down the original police equipment and had reproduction decals made to get the Camaro exactly like it was when in service. The car is now only used for shows and parades because the decals are permanently mounted. Only 592 B4C-optioned Camaros were churned out in 1991, and we imagine this is one of the cooler ones.

2010 Chevy 5/6

Rocket Red
When Fort Myers, Florida, Camaro lover Steven Gosnell heard that GM was relaunching the Camaro he rushed down to his local dealership and put in a pre-order for this '10. Since then he's upgraded the SS with a Vararam intake, Kooks long-tubes, a throatier exhaust system, FTI 3,200-stall converter, and Forgestar F14 18-inch rollers wrapped in Nitto NT555R tires. With the old and heavier 20-inch wheels, Steven ran the car to a 12.10 at 114 mph. With the lighter wheels, stickier tires, and a tweaked tune, he hopes to get into the 11s. That would put him high up on the quarter-mile "fast" list over at For a bolt-on car, that's quite an accomplishment.

1994 Chevy 6/6

Family Guys
Nothing epitomizes our American culture, or hot rodding in general, more than a father and son building up a hot rod. As Aaron Sanchez related, "My dad and I were looking for a project car that we could work on together, so we bought this '94 V-6 Camaro back in 2009 for $1,500 during my junior year of high school. As time went on we began fixing little things and upgrading the car. Before long, we were ripping out every bit of the car to swap in the LT1 from our donor '95 Z28. The car has come a long way and has given my dad and I something that we can do together. While it may be expensive at times, nothing can replace all of the memories made in the garage together. This car will be something that we will always be able to look back on and reminisce on."



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