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Front Lines - October 2013 Letters

Questions, Comments & Concerns

Staff Oct 1, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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Pleasure Cruze
The timing of this month’s editorial [“Idle Chatter,” July ’13] could not have been more coincidental for me. First, I thought you laid out GM’s issues clearly, with your description of the company’s longstanding fiscal and organizational handicaps being especially insightful.

Chevy Corvette And Chevy 2/4

Interestingly, the day I received this issue, I was heading to Castriota Chevrolet to drop off my ’06 Caravaggio Z06 and pick up my ’13 Cruze. I loved the Z, and it gave me 7 years and 70,000 miles of carefree excitement with a few mods and a tune from Greg [Lovell] at AntiVenom. Alas, due to the lack of home equity in Florida, I had to part with her to finance a pool. Further, it really felt bad to me to use a 600hp Z06 to commute 2.5 hours round trip every day, averaging 30 mph.

I must say, though, I am incredibly impressed with the Cruze. Nice off-the-light acceleration and no problem passing on the highway, even from a 70-mph pull. Hey, it’s just like the Z06: Victory Red, Black/Red Interior, six-speed manual tranny, RS aero and suspension package…well, OK, maybe it ends there. On the other hand, the audio and video technology are phenomenal—at least relative to my Z—and, of course, the 40 mpg highway rating is nice too (and no premium gas!).

I’ve attached a picture of the two as they exchanged hands.

Now if I can only keep from modding the Cruze. (It’s a lease!)
Kevin Helmintoller
Via Email

Don’t feel too bad for Kevin: He still owns a modified ’09 ZR1, a 436ci Mallett C5 Z06, a supercharged Avalanche, and possibly a few other vehicles we’ve forgotten about.

Communication Brake-Down
I am a subscriber and own a C5 Z06. In your July edition, the article titled “Stop, Drop, and Roll” covers upgrading the brakes on a C5 Z06. In it, the author states that the OEM brakes were “…nothing we’d want to rely on in a 60-0 stop.” That statement is just ridiculous. My brakes are great, and on a recent tear down my favorite road, they were the only thing keeping me in front of a ’12 Lambo.

Chevy Corvette C5 Zo6 On 3/4

Surely if they’re good enough to beat a modern supercar, they’re at least good enough to satisfy basic stopping requirements. I love the mag, but let’s not go overboard with criticizing the cars we love just to sell products.
Steve Gunter
Austin, TX

Perhaps we were insufficiently clear. The C5 brakes were only deemed insufficient in our case because they were the high-mileage units originally installed at the factory. Since they needed to be serviced or replaced anyway, we elected to upgrade the car with the Zip C6 Z06 binders (which, it bears mention, are infinitely better).

It's Muskegon Brake Dot Com!
It's hard to imagine, given our unflagging commitment to editorial perfection, but it seems we managed to list the incorrect website for Muskegon Brake in two consecutive articles. The correct web address is, be sure to check it out. Now is as good a time as any.

Muskegon Brake Corvette Parts 4/4

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