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Front Lines - August 2013

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Silver State Standouts

We thought you might like to publish this picture in one of your upcoming editions. It was taken under the old arch in downtown Reno, Nevada, this past year to celebrate our club’s 40th anniversary.

Reno Corvettes was founded in 1972 and has grown to more than 200 members and 150 cars. Reno, with its mild weather, is the perfect place to enjoy nine good months of cruising in your Corvette.

Reno is also the home of Hot August Nights, where more than 6,500 classic cars gather to “cruise to the oldies.” Reno Corvettes is a staple volunteer group during this weeklong event.

Although known as a social club, we do charity work throughout the year with the local food banks and schools; we’re also sending packages to soldiers deployed oversees. We participate in local parades and are members of the National Auto Museum.

In honor of the club, the Governor Brian Sandoval dubbed August 25 “Reno Corvette Day” in Nevada. What an honor.

Michelle Danielson - Via email

Using Our Imagination

I dropped you an email several months ago concerning your evaluation of the C7 based on some leaked renderings. You included it in your magazine as one of the letters to the editor.

Now that you’ve had a chance to see the new C7 in detail, have you changed your mind? You stated that you found the car to be “unimaginative.” I’m not sure what you thought the car should look like to be “imaginative,” but I’m very glad it came out the way it did.

I still love VETTE.

Dale E. Miller - State College, PA

First, I’m pleased to report that the car does indeed play better in person than it does in sketches or photos. That said, I’m still having trouble discerning any styling elements that could be deemed truly original. Attractive? Yes. Artfully engineered? Absolutely. But imaginative? I think we’re just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. On the flipside, the new taillights don’t bother me one bit.

Conversion Aversion

Have you done any articles on installing an LS engine in a C4? Are there any problems with getting the engine or the exhaust to fit? Do the transmission, halfshafts, and such need to be stronger?

Richard Craig - Denver, NC

We’ve actually considered performing such a swap in the past -- most recently on our editor’s dearly departed ’96 coupe -- but researching the conversion always leads us to conclude that it simply isn’t a cost-effective upgrade. In addition to the not-inconsiderable task of physically installing an LS powerplant and its ancillary gear (accessory drives, cooling and exhaust parts, HVAC hardware, windshield-wiper motor, et al.) between the C4’s framerails, there’s the matter getting the engine’s late-model PCM to cohabitate with the fourth-gen’s comparatively crude electronic components. If it sounds like a pain, that’s because it is.

Our recommendation? Use the money you would have spent on the swap to upgrade your existing L98/LT1 -- or, if you simply must have an LS engine, trade the car on a C5.

Chevrolet Corvette C5 Starcraft 2/2

Earth to Starcraft

I saw the C5 cosmetic-update article in your Jan. ’13 edition (“FRC Refresher Course, Part 2”). I am thinking of keeping my C5, and I want to get a Starcraft ( Tiger Shark front fascia for it, like the one on the car in your story. I have contacted Starcraft, and they’re not sure whether they’re going to produce any more.

I would imagine there are thousands of C5 owners out there who would love to have one of these brilliant-looking front panels. Could you put some pressure on Starcraft to produce some more?

Rob Butler - Adelaide, South Australia

Pressure exerted.

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