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Front Lines - April 2013

Apr 1, 2013
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Calendar Models

I thought this might interest your readers. It’s the cover photo for our 18-month Sting Ray Corvette Club calendar.

We are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and have been organized since May of 1995. Our club consists of 40 midyears, most of which are in excellent condition. Many of our cars have been entered in NCRS meets throughout the state, and we have several “Top Flight” winners.

Our club enjoys attending shows in our immediate area during the year. Every other year we plan an out-of-state trip for our “long drivers.” Past trips have included the Blue Ridge Parkway, Tybee Island (Georgia), Charlotte, “the Dragon,” and the west coast of Florida.

Many of our members also own and enjoy other generations of Corvettes, including C3s, C4s, C5s, and C6s. Corvette owners may contact us through our website,

Sting Ray Corvette Club 2/4

Elena Parent
Via email

Package Deal

I had a 1978 Indy Pace car that I sold a few years ago. I kept some of the memorabilia, including an unopened 11x14-inch envelope. When I purchased the car, I was told that this packet was handed out to all original owners. I was wondering if someone on your staff could shed a little light on its contents, as I would prefer not to open it.

Randy Willig
West Linn, OR

1978 Pace Corvette Press Release 3/4

According to the C3 experts with whom we spoke, the envelope contains a press-release package from the GM media office. It’s a relatively rare item, inasmuch as not every ’78 Pace Car buyer received one, and it is indeed more valuable in unopened condition. If any of you out there in Readerland can provide more-specific insight on this mystery envelope’s contents, we’d love to hear from you.

Bringing the Noise

I’ve got an enviable problem: I recently traded in my 2006 Z06 on a triple-black 2013 427 Convertible. I have only one complaint with the ’vert, which is the same sole gripe I had with the Z06: It’s too quiet at idle. While the problem was handled with $1,500 worth of Corsa exhaust on the Z, a friend suggested holding open the factory exhaust cutouts until I scrape up the money for a replacement system.

Corvette 4/4

My questions are, How can I hold the cutouts open?, and, What side effects, if any, might this bring on?

Reno, NV

Holding open the factory muffler-bypass valves has been a popular Corvette “modification” since not long after the dual-mode exhaust system was introduced on the ’06 Z06. Your choices here are to either remove the fuse controlling the valves (it’s helpfully labeled “Ex Mod”), which will cause them to default to the open position at all times, or to purchase a remote exhaust-valve controller from one of the Corvette parts houses. For less than $100, the latter item will allow you to open and close the valves at your convenience, likely making it the better choice for a daily driven vehicle. Note that neither of these mods will change the character of the exhaust note the way your Z06’s Corsa system did; they will simply make the car louder.

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