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1960 Chevy Corvette - The ’Glass Menagerie

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Show-Stopping ’60

Who: Willie Santana and Carmen Font Where: Celebration, FL What: 1960 C1  

1960 Chevy Corvette 2/13

My ’60 Corvette’s five-year, frame-up restoration was completed in December 2010, by Greg Brown at Custom Auto in Miami Springs, Florida.

 Small Block 3/13

Redline Automotive Competition Engines built the 406-inch small-block with a factory steel crankshaft, TRW forged pistons, stock rods, Dart II iron heads, a Weiand aluminum intake, a Quick Fuel Specialties 780-cfm four-barrel, Jet-Hot–coated Hooker headers, a custom exhaust with Dynomax mufflers, a DeWitts aluminum radiator, and a GM HEI ignition.

The transmission is a 700R4 by Bowtie Overdrive, with an ATI 10-inch/2,500-rpm stall converter and a 3.73-geared Eaton limited-slip differential in back.

Underneath the DuPont Chroma Premier Victory Red fiberglass is a Jim Meyer IFS with rack-and-pinion steering, four-wheel disc brakes, QA1 front coilovers and Bilstein rear shocks, and 18x7-inch Billet Specialties wheels on 4-series Toyo Proxes tires.

Inside, there’s an Al Knoch custom leather interior, with factory gauges restored by D&M Restoration.

The car was first shown at the Celebration Exotic Car Show in April of 2011, where it won the Platinum Trophy and Best in the American Sports Car Class. It won again at the same show last year.

Mac’s Z

Who: Doug MacDonald Where: El Monte, CA  What: 2007 Z06  

2007 Chevy Corvette Z06 4/13

I grew up watching my brother, Dave (“Corvette Legends,” April ’12), race and win in his Corvettes. I thought it was the only car to have. Things changed, Dave died racing, and for a time, I didn’t want anything to do with cars of any kind.

 Chevy Corvette Z06 Rear 5/13

Two years went by, and, after a talk with my dad, I found my desire again. By this time, Corvettes were out of reach.

In 2009 my wife passed away, and I had to find something to stop me from going nuts. I realized a Corvette would help fill that void. I saw a used ’07 Z06 for sale in the color I loved, Atomic Orange.

I emailed the owner and asked him a number of questions, including “How’s the gas mileage?” He said he got 28-plus mpg going to Lake Havasu, and if I didn’t get mileage like that, he would refund my money and take it back!

I’ve added an aftermarket hood and spoiler, “Spyder” wheels, black headlights, and a “Jake” ID and stripe. There’s no need for more power—it has more than enough, and it gets as much as 30.2 mpg.

I’m glad I’ve lived long enough to own this Vette. The engineering makes it a work of art on wheels!

Captains’ Choice C6s

Who: Harv and Greg Lotko Where: Newtown, CT What: 2007 C6 convertible, ’13 Callaway 427 Convertible  

2007 2013 Chevy Corvette C6 427 Callaway 6/13

Thought you might like this submission for “The ’Glass Menagerie.” Both my father, Harv, and I are captains of ferries off the coast of Long Island; hence, the Great South Bay backdrop (taken at the Bellport dock).

I purchased the Monterey Red ’07 Z51 convertible new but turned it over to Dad, who replaced his ’04 Corvette convertible with it. I then replaced the ’07 with a ’13 Callaway SC652 built on a 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible.

I’d planned on getting a ’12 Grand Sport Convertible SC606 in Crystal Red, but the tsunami in Japan cut off the supplies needed to make that paint. Then, I heard that 2013 would be the C6’s last year, so I waited in hopes GM would do something special—and they sure did.

I placed the order on the first day the ’13s were available. At the end of April, I was the 27th person worldwide to do the Performance Engine Build Experience at Wixom with Master Engine Builder Don Henley. I took delivery of the car on June 30, 2012—59 years to the day after the first Corvette came off the assembly line.

Remedially Rescued ‘Ray

Who: Doug Lentz Where: Fenton, MI What: 1966 C2 convertible   Attached are before and after photos of my ’66 Sting Ray.

1966 Chevy C2 Convertible 7/13

When found, the car had a 350 with a Turbo-400 (with a block of wood under it for a mount), and the hood weighed a ton because there were so many mirrors and lights underneath it. That caused the hood support to break though the inner fender.

 Chevy C2 Convertible Before 8/13

A fire started when a module used to open the doors was struck by the windshield-wiper-motor arms, causing a short. The original dash and console were replaced with a makeshift plywood mess.

And yes, the car was pink.

 Chevy C2 Convertible Before 9/13

As you can see, I’ve restored it back to 1966-correct condition. The 350 and Turbo-400 were replaced by a 350hp 327 and a four-speed, and the added lights and mirrors are now history, along with the incorrect wood pieces.

Garage-Built Beauty

Who: Bill Emanuel Where: Groveland, CA What: 1986 C4 coupe  

1986 Chevy Corvette C4 10/13

I thought I’d submit my ’86 C4. I’m 68, and I’ve coveted a Corvette since 1953, when my dad worked as a salesman at the Chevy dealership in Yuma, Arizona.

When I bought this car in November 2007, it looked like it had pulled from a swamp. I painted it Eastwood Pro Street Red, rebuilt the engine, did the upholstery in red/black velour, added a new exhaust and wheels, and made some changes to the exterior (removed the emblems, added a red body band, and installed a hidden power antenna).

My wife and I really enjoy this car, and we’ve won two trophies at shows in Moreno Valley and Temecula, California.

We drive it mostly on runs with Motherlode Corvettes, of Sonora, California, as well as in parades and on trips. That includes the trip we made to Carmel, where we took this seaside picture on 17-Mile Drive.

Thanks To VETTE

Who: Otto Achenbach Where: Eagle, ID What: 2013 427 Convertible  

2013 Chevy Corvette 427 Convertible 11/13

This is my new ride that I picked up last July, after watching it arrive from Bowling Green on the transport.

 Chevy Corvette 427 Convertible 12/13

I fell in love with Corvettes back in 1962, when I graduated from high school. I wasn’t able to afford one at the time. Then, in 1997, I found my first Vette, a Dark Purple Metallic ’95. I traded in my Porsche 928S on it, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve always wanted the bigger engine, but they never put them in the convertible until the C6’s final year. I learned this by reading “The Sky’s The Limit” in your June ’12 issue, which featured a behind-the-scenes look at the new 427 Convertible. And so began my quest to find out more information and pricing. I worked with Edmark Chevrolet in Nampa, Idaho, to order my car, trading in my ’08 Atomic Orange convertible as a down payment.

 Chevy Corvette 427 Convertible 13/13

I took off in August for my 50th high-school reunion, then drove to Glacier National Park as my first official trip in the car. Hopefully there are many more years of enjoyment to come.

Is your vette menagerie material? Just send a photo (or photos) of the car, a brief description, and whatever else you’d like to VETTE Magazine, c/o ’Glass Menagerie, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. You can also email the information to with “Glass” in the subject line. So what are you waiting for?




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