September 2012 Camaro Concept - Survival Camaro

Ben Hermance Sep 1, 2012 0 Comment(s)
Camp 1209 01 Z September 2012 Camaro Concept Survival Camaro 1/2

Maybe I’ve been watching too many post-apocalyptic prep shows. Maybe it’s the Mayan calendar predictions looming. Or it could just be the weather. Either way, I guess I was in a cantankerous mood when I decided to render this up.

Rigid Industries has hired me to design their 4x4 warrior trucks in the past, but they wanted to think outside the box with a ’12 Camaro that they could mount their lights to. Sure, I could have simply slapped some of their mini lights in the lower bumper as driving lights, but where’s the challenge in that? Instead, I tried to showcase multiple lighting solutions in a practical way.

That changed the attitude of the car away from the slick street machines I often work on, to a gritty warrior with nearly tank-like proportions and an angry disposition. This Camaro features an ultra-wide body slammed on top of some seriously heavy-walled tires and Mickey Thompson Classic Lock-style 17-inch race wheels. I modified a 4-inch cowl hood with a ram-air and some accented venting ports to conceal a huge supercharger. The grille has an armored-style shell with exposed fasteners and cages to protect the stack of three LED bars. I had to add a big ol’ pushbar, too. If it worked on the General Lee, it’ll work here too. It looks mean and provides a spot for more lights. The rear spoiler is a large fabricated aluminum blade spoiler with stabilizer struts. To create more of an armored car roof line, I added front and rear visors. The front visor is vented to reduce drag. And finally, I had to add some heavy-duty side pipes with a vented gun shroud theme. It’s painted in dark satin black and grays for that understated Mad Max look.




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