2005 Pontiac GTO - Sweet Revenge

Wade Hurtt's Incredible 830hp Wide-Body '05 GTO Shows That Great Things Can Be Born From Modest Beginnings

Justin Cesler Oct 26, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Let's be honest, while the '04-06 GTOs were awesome cars for their time, depending on your style, one could easily argue that they definitely lacked in the looks department. With bland lines, flat fenders, and narrow tires, some people claim the GTO is nothing more than a V-8-powered Cavalier, a boring ride with a nice interior and a big engine. While we don't exactly agree with those sentiments, as we have had the opportunity to spend some time with some of the coolest GTOs in the country over the past couple of years, we can certainly understand where those people are coming from. It is, after all, safe to say no one has ever looked at a GTO and called the styling outrageous-until now.

1101gmhtp_01_o 2005_pontiac_gto Front 2/11

What you see here is Wade Hurtt's '05 GTO, the culmination of several years worth of work, which, curiously enough, started when the city of Fort Lauderdale decided to tear up the street in front of Wade's house. "They destroyed my neighborhood to install new drainage and I had to park the GTO in my garage and buy a truck." Up until then, Wade had been daily driving his GTO, which he purchased brand new in 2005 and was quite content with the way it drove. Luckily for us, after several months of seeing his GTO sit alone in his garage, locked in by the city's painfully slow work ethic, Wade decided it was time to do something with his former daily driver. Now, for a normal person, this might have meant taking it out and adding a new exhaust, intake, or paintjob. For former US Marine and firefighter Wade Hurtt, it meant tearing the entire car down to the bare body and building a one-off supercar killer, with the help of a couple of great shops across the country and across the globe.

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Being that the GTO was still relatively new in 2005 and not yet embraced by the American aftermarket, Wade started to look abroad, mainly in Australia, where he was opened up to an entirely new market. Immediately he began researching offerings from the land down under, eventually coming across Harrop Engineering and falling in love with their products. At the same time, he also found Revenge Designs Inc., an American company located in Indiana, run by an Australian named Peter Collorafi. "The Revenge bodywork looked great, but for something like this I really had to see it in person." So Wade did what any focused individual would do and set up a meeting with Peter and Michael Hewitt of Harrop to see both company's offerings in person, live in Indiana. "After seeing a Revenge GTO in person and driving a Harrop-equipped car, I sat down with Peter and Michael and began making plans to build the ultimate GTO."

1101gmhtp_03_o 2005_pontiac_gto Side 4/11

After hours of discussion and multiple build drafts, Wade flew back to Florida and set things in motion, orchestrating the entire build from his home in Florida. From command central, Wade ordered a literal crate worth of parts from Harrop Engineering, purchasing almost every single piece Harrop builds for the GTO, including a specially powdercoated Harrop HTV-2300 supercharger. With the crate en route, Wade called our good friend Chad Golen of Golen Engine Service, to have him begin work on a motor for his beast. With overkill in mind, Chad and Wade decided to build a 427-cubic-inch LS7, which they stuffed with a Callies/Mahle rotating assembly, built specifically to handle high-boost thanks to a friendly 9.0:1 compression ratio. To top the motor, Chad built Wade a set of CNC-ported L92 cylinder heads, which he loaded with Ferrea valves and Jesel roller rockers. Of course, no intake was necessary, as the motor had a special blower from Harrop on the way.




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