1986 Chevrolet Camaro - Street Heat

So fresh and So Clean, Clean

Justin Cesler Sep 20, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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So fresh and So Clean, Clean
If GMHTP had the budget to mail people awards, Guillaume Sirois of Beloeil, Quebec would have to upgrade to a larger mailbox. His work-in-progress '86 IROC is one of the most jaw-dropping and fresh Camaros we have seen in years and it has the muscle to back it all up. Under the hood, Guillaume is in the process of installing an LS1, which will spin a T56 and fabricated 9-inch rearend. Of course, the real magic is in the completely shaved bodywork and Ridetech air-ride suspension, both of which perfectly complement the 18-inch Bonspeed wheels, which cover a set of C6 Z06 brakes. Look for more on this car in the future, it deserves further inspection.

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