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Back from the Dead

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Back from the Dead
Believe it or not, Tyler Chekal of central Iowa rebuilt this killer WS6 in only three weeks time, taking it from a totaled mess to better than new all before his 19th birthday! If that's not impressive enough, Tyler has ran an 11.98 at 114 mph, getting his additional horsepower from a 232/237 duration, 0.591/0.599-inch lift Thunder Racing camshaft, a pair of stepped long-tube headers, and a set of LS6 heads. Of course, the Nitrous Express carbon-fiber wet kit also helps get him going and is certainly responsible for those 114-mph trap speeds. Up next, Tyler plans to install a Wolfe rollcage and a 12-bolt rear, which will hopefully get him track legal and even deeper into the 11s. Not bad for an 18-year old kid!

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