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2007 Chevrolet Corvette - Back With A Vengeance

First Lieutenant Melissa Weaver Shows The Boys How It's Done In Her Brilliant, 809-Rwhp Twin-Turbo '07 Corvette

Justin Cesler May 26, 2010
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Melissa Weaver is what some may call a Corvette fanatic. "I've always loved cars ever since I sat in a Barbie Corvette at age 6. When I was young, I always had a Corvette poster on my wall to remind me of my dream. After college I bought a '79 Corvette as a project car. I spent about a year renewing it to stock condition and about that time I was introduced to the performance scene. Although the '79 provided me with a lot of good times, the thought of having a modern performance car led me to sell it and purchase an '02 Z06. That Corvette was awesome, but I decided I wanted to build a real sleeper. After a year with the Z06, I purchased a ProCharged '05 C6 but it ended in disaster when a speed shop in North Carolina totaled it after a cam upgrade." Yeah, you read that right-the shop Melissa entrusted to do the cam swap totaled it while on a weekend jaunt, leaving Melissa angry, heartbroken, and without her pride and joy. For over a year Melissa went without a ride, finally finding a mint condition, 6,000-mile '07 Corvette. "I was hesitant to pursue any aftermarket upgrades on my '07 because I just didn't trust shops anymore." But like always, "after about four months of driving it stock, the power bug was biting me in the butt. I wanted a powerful car that you could drive across country and also take to the track, with the reliability and driveability of a stock car."

gmhtp_01_o 2007_chevrolet_corvettel Front 2/9

Enter Vengeance Racing of Cumming, Georgia. "I contacted Ron Mowen and after a tour of the shop we started drafting up plans for a turbo car. I was hesitant to leave my car in the hands of a stranger, but Ron kept me updated daily of the progress and after a year, the product of a vision became a reality." And that reality is what you see here, an 809-rwhp C6 Corvette, which is currently believed to be the most powerful 6L80E-equipped C6 in the world. As you would imagine, almost everything underneath the subtle exterior of Melissa's Vette has been upgraded with the best of the best, which amounts to a fairly substantial list.

gmhtp_03_o 2007_chevrolet_corvettel Engine 3/9

It all starts with a pair of custom-built Turbonetics T3/T4 turbochargers, which were specifically designed by Turbo Technology Inc., to handle upwards of 1,000 rwhp. These turbos, fed by a pair of custom TTi manifolds and controlled by two TiAL 38mm wastegates, compress a tremendous amount of atmosphere, smashing up to 15 psi of boost into the engine during wide-open throttle runs. Of course, before any air sees the manifold it passes through a TTi-built air-to-air intercooler, which sits directly behind the front bumper in front of a DeWitts high-capacity radiator. Here again, TiAL Sport is in charge of air control, with a 50mm blow-off valve welded directly to the intercooler to eliminate compressor surge and perhaps more importantly, make awesome noises during throttle-off conditions.

Speaking of the throttle body, Melissa chose to use a stock 90mm LS2 unit, which was ported by Vengeance Racing before being bolted to a smoothed, painted, ported, and airbrushed FAST 92mm intake manifold. Below this sit a pair of Trick Flow Specialties 235cc LSX six-bolt cylinder heads, which were worked over by Total Engine Airflow to include a full CNC port job and a set of Ferrea 2.08-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust valves. Yella Terra Ultra Lite 1.7-ratio rockers actuate those valves, leveraged by a Vengeance Racing spec 235/231 duration, 0.620/0.617-inch-lift camshaft, which sits inside a GMPP LSX block. Built for Melissa by a now defunct engine company to Vengeance Racing specifications, the LSX weighs in at 402 cubic inches, stuffed with a Callies Compstar rotating assembly and eight Wiseco -20cc dished pistons. At 9.25:1 compression, this motor was built to handle all of the boost that the TTi system could throw at it, and Melissa told us that it has never skipped a beat.

gmhtp_06_o 2007_chevrolet_corvettel Rear_taillights 4/9

The rest of the drivetrain is as complete and as fortified as the engine bay, with most of the cool parts coming from RPM Transmissions in Daleville, Indiana. Being that Melissa wanted to drive this car anywhere, anytime, she had the stock 6L80E removed and upgraded by RPM to handle all the power she planned on throwing at it. While Vengeance Racing was busy boxing up the transmission, they also sent out the differential for a Stage III treatment from RPM, which includes micro-polished 2.93 gears, 300M left and right shafts, upgraded carbon clutches, and some heavy-duty preload springs. Of course, no one would install all of these parts without also including a set of The Drive Shaft Shop 1000hp axles, an upgraded RPM propshaft, torque tube, and a Yank SS3200 torque converter, which really helps Melissa's Vette come up on boost fast.

gmhtp_04_o 2007_chevrolet_corvettel Rear 5/9

So, what next? Leave the suspension stock and make some track hits? Oh no, not for this girl. With everything else almost complete, Melissa turned to Pfadt Racing to supply everything possible for her street-driven monster, including a full set of coilovers, a pair of matching sway bars, and both engine and transmission mounts, for a stiff but smooth ride. On the dyno, in the capable hands of Mike Carnahan, the Vette belted out 809 rwhp and 787 lb-ft of torque, which is almost unbelievable considering how docile this car was during our Atlanta-area photo shoot. In fact, even the police officer that came to check us out didn't believe the car made that much power, commenting instead on the awesome engine bay and interior accessories.

You see, even though Melissa chose to leave the exterior stock, she did commission Airbrush Inc., to go crazy on the engine bay and interior, creating a killer display of flames, skulls, and hidden gems over a brilliant coat of Victory Red paint. That not-so-subtle paintwork may well be the perfect final touch, as it seems to round out Melissa's Corvette and take it from the somewhat cliché category of want-to-be sleeper into the much more rare category of GMHTP supercar. K

2007 Corvette
Owner: Melissa Weaver
Block: GMPP LSX, 402 cid
Compression ratio: 9.25:1
Heads: Trick Flow Specialties 235cc, ported by Total Engine Airflow, 2.08 intake, 1.60 exhaust valves
Cam: Custom hydraulic roller, 235/231 duration, 0.620/0.617-inch lift, 115+3 LSA
Pushrods: Comp Cams
Rocker arms: Yella Terra Ultra Lite, 1.7 ratio
Pistons: Wiseco, forged
Rings: TNT
Crankshaft: Callies Compstar, forged
Rods: Callies Compstar, forged
Throttle body: Stock, ported by Vengeance
Fuel injectors: 88 lb/hr
Fuel pump: Twin Walbro 255-lph in-tank
Ignition: Stock coil-near-plug, NGK TR6
Engine management: Stock PCM, tuned by Vengeance Racing
Power adder: Twin Turbo Technolgies Inc./Turbonetics T3/T4
Boost: 15 psi
Wastegate: Twin TiAL 38mm
Blow-Off Valve: TiAL 50mm
Intercooler: TTi Stage X air-to-air
Exhaust system: TTi turbo manifolds, 2.5-inch downpipes, Billy Boat Fusion 2.5-inch exhaust
Transmission: 6L80E, built by RPM Transmission
Torque Converter: Yank SS3200
Driveshaft: RPM prop shaft and torque tube
Front suspension: Pfadt coilovers, stock control arms, Pfadt sway bar
Rear suspension: Pfadt coilovers, stock control arms, Pfadt sway bar
Rearend: IRS, 2.93 gear, The Drive Shaft Shop axles, posi
Brakes: Stock, front and rear
Wheels: Stock 18x8.5 front, 19x10 rear
Front tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 275/35/18
Rear tires: Goodyear Eagle F1 345/30/19
Fuel octane: 93
Current mileage: 10,578

gmhtp_05_o 2007_chevrolet_corvettel Front 6/9



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