1999 Pontiac Trans Am - Street Heat

Justin Cesler Jan 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)

Super Hawk
As a mechanical engineering student at Purdue University, Kyle Humbert probably doesn't have too much free time on his hands. When not hitting the books, he is cruising in his beautiful '99 Trans Am, which has a great blend of good looks and brute force. Immediately obvious are the 18-inch HP Evo wheels and SuperHawk Ram Air hood, which perfectly complement the lines of this TA. Underneath the exterior is a lightly modified LS1, which has a Thunder Racing 230/232 camshaft, LS6 intake, FLP long-tube headers, and a Corsa cat-back to help it breathe. A stock T56 turns a set of 4.10 rear gears, which help Kyle get from class to class in plenty of time.

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