1987 Buick Grand National - Records Meant To Be Broken

The First 7-Second TSO-Legal Grand National In The World

Justin Cesler Nov 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
0911gmhtp_06_z 1987_buick_grand_national Rear_bumper 2/10

Fueled and lit, power is transferred through a custom-built PTC converter to a Lonnie Diers-built sprag-less TH400 transmission. A 3-inch driveshaft mates to a Mark Williams fabricated 9-inch, which sends power outwards via a 3.90 rear gear and Strange 35-spline axles to a pair of 295/65R15 Mickey Thompson drag radials. "The car drives like it is on a rail." Tony uses a set of custom upper and lower control arms in the rear and a Wolfe antiroll bar helps keep him straight. A pair of QA1 springs and shocks keep the rear in line, while a set of AFCO shocks and TRZ upper and lower A-arms attempt to keep the front end on the ground. The setup from Markow Racecars must be killer, as Tony has gone as quick as a 1.31 60-foot, no small feat in a turbo drag radial car.

Besides being a multiple record setting race car, inside and out, Tony Gomes has built what some may call the nicest all-around Grand National in the country. Starting with an all-steel body, Tony had Miguel Morales of Pat's Autocare and Restoration make sure that every panel was perfectly straight and aligned before moving on to the paint booth. Here, Miguel applied a killer PPG black paintjob, one that looks much better than the one this car rolled off the showroom floor with in 1987. The only real clue that this is a race car are a set of beautifully polished Bogart Welded R/T's front and rear, which starkly contrast the layers of deep black paint. The interior, minus a couple of gauges, the AMS-1000 boost controller, and the SFI-certified rollcage, looks almost exactly as delivered, including a set of stock front seats.

Now that you are in the know, you might be wondering what's next. While no one can predict the future, we can rest assured that Tony will continue to push the envelope of TSO-legal racing. Although he certainly should take a second to soak in the fruits of his labor, Tony knows he has some stiff competition nipping at the heels of his record setting pass, and we are certain he won't take the rest of this season lightly.




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