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Chevy Readers Rides Muscle Cars - Readers' Rides Goes Wide

31 Local Heroes!

Ro McGonegal Nov 1, 2008

When we ran the first Local Heroes in last November's issue, we got a waterfall of response. It made so much sense that we've added more and the file box is still pretty full. If your ride isn't in this selection, look for it again next year, and as always, thanks for your support. -Henry D

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0811chp_01_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1981_chevy_camaro 2/32

'81 Camaro Berlinetta
Glen Johnson
Manchester, MD

Glen's grandmother bought the Berlinetta as her daily driver. When she passed on in '87, it had 42K on the clock. The 267ci V-8 expired, so Glen plugged in a carbureted 383 stroker that dyno-proofed at 460 hp and 490 lb-ft of torque. He replaced the shredded transmission with a TCI Super Street Fighter TH350 and 3,000-stall converter and kept the 10-bolt but beefed it with 3.73 gears and an Eaton Posi. Wheels are 16-inch American Racing Torque Thrust IIs wrapped with BFG g-Force Sport tires. There was no rust. Glen retained the interior exactly as it was in 1981. He takes it out and "toasts" grandma regularly.

0811chp_02_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1969_chevy_camaro 3/32

'69 Camaro
Russ Himes
Keller, TX

Sweet Sight Unseen
Did I just spend what I consider a large sum of cash on something that I had not driven, yet alone laid eyes on?" asks Russ. "Yes, I did, but I got a body-off restoration beautifully finished in Hugger Orange with Z28 stripes, correct Z28 badging, and Rally Sport options. The ZZ4 crate engine has a GM Hot Cam, GMPP Fast Burn cylinder heads and intake manifold, and 750-cfm Holley/cowl induction system. I hooked its 430 hp and 430 lb-ft of torque to a Richmond five-speed and a 12-bolt Posi-Traction rearend with 3.08:1 gears. Control comes from power-assisted Baer discs all around, power steering, and Competition Engineering Slide-A-Link traction bars. The interior is all new, including a rosewood steering wheel with a tilt column and a carbon fiber dash insert with Auto Meter Pro Comp Ultra-Lite gauges. Rolling stock includes 17-inch Torq-Thrust II wheels and BFG g-Force KDWS tires. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!"

0811chp_03_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1969_chevy_camaro_z28 4/32

'69 Camaro Z28
Robert Byng
Cayucos, CA

Make Mine Rare
This 27,000-mile, '69 Olympic Gold Z28 was purchased new specifically as a dedicated road racer and, according to the original owner, was very successful. Then it languished for 22 years prior to its subsequent restoration. The Z utilizes the original sheetmetal and interior, even the carpet. The infamous DZ 302 remains modified as per the early Chevrolet Power Book, including a first design off-road cam and special headers with a 3-inch exhaust system. The Muncie M-21 four-speed is backed by a heavy-duty 12-bolt with 3.73:1 gears and Posi-Traction. Besides a little fun at Laguna Seca, "Goldie" has been shown twice at the prestigious Quail Motorsports Gathering during Monterey Speed Week, and it trophied at the Palos Verdes Concours.

0811chp_04_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1966_chevy_el_camino 5/32

'66 EL Camino
Fred Albright
Altadena, CA

Believe It Or Not
My father purchased this car for me as a graduation gift in 1969," Fred recalls. "A few weeks later, I owned three speeding citations ... and one small accident. Needless to say, the El Camino was on its way to a new home. About 14 years ago, I was driving in Southern California when I found this '66 El Camino in dire need of attention. A week later, I found the original sales slip for the one that my father had bought for me. Believe it or not, the car I bought was the same one I'd been given in 1969. Sylvester Carter at Monrovia Body Shop restored its beauty. The motor is a 383ci ZZ4 block with the Fast Burn heads, 10.1:1 compression ratio, and an Edelbrock manifold and 850-cfm carb. It has a Turbo 350 transmission with a 2,500-stall converter. I replaced the steering gear with quick gears. The front end bushings are new and so are the brakes. I enjoy the El Camino because you don't see many restored ones around here."

0811chp_05_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1972_chevy_chevelle 6/32

'72 Chevelle
John & MatThew Thornton
Fort Worth, TX

Father & Son Special
John thought that acquiring an old musclecar and totally restoring it (via rotisserie) would be a great father-son project to teach Matthew about tools, responsibility, and how to do it right! "We both have tremendous pride and a feeling of great accomplishment," says Thornton Sr. Matthew drives the Chevelle to school only on nice days. The mild 356ci motor has equipment from Comp Cams, Keith Black, Edelbrock, Hooker, and Flowmaster. Amenities include Classic Auto Air and JVC hi-def audio/iPod/CD. The 700R4 was rebuilt by Eagle Transmission, and has a Bow Tie Overdrives TV cable system and lock-up converter. The 12-bolt holds 2.73:1 gears and Yukon axles. This 'Velle rides on Eibach springs, Edelbrock shocks and upper and lower rear control arms, and CPP disc brakes on 2-inch drop spindles. Cragar S/S 61s host 17-inch BFG KDWS tires. Perfection Auto Body in Fort Worth applied the PPG Light Grey Metallic and Otter Metallic stripes.

0811chp_06_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1976_chevy_monte_carlo 7/32

'76 Monte Carlo
Ken Kornele
Georgetown, TX

One Man's Erotica
I bought this car in November, 1980," says Ken. "It came with the 4-bbl, 400ci small-block, Turbo 350, 2.73:1 limited slip differential, and all RPO options, including a sunroof. The bodywork took about two years of evenings and weekends. I painted it Firethorn Red in my garage. With the exception of the custom dash pod I built, the refurbished interior looks just like it did when it came off the line in '76. I put PST bushings in the suspension, new springs all around, and cinched it all up with KYB shocks. The motor has a Comp HE268 cam, an Edelbrock Performer intake, a rebuilt Edelbrock carb, reworked heads, Pertronix ignition, and a dual exhaust. I added 3.42:1 gears and a 700R4 by Greg Decato at Phoenix Transmissions [Weatherford, Texas] with a Hughes 2,400-stall converter (chirps in Third gear, too). My gas mileage went from 13 to 18 mpg and I cruise at 70 mph while turning about 2,000 rpm."

0811chp_07_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1967_chevy_cnova_ss 8/32

'67 Nova SS
Jeff Reynolds
Big Island, VA

Double Nut
The Nova isn't going anywhere and it won't be restored because it's already nearly perfect. All the numbers match. It has the gas-miser Blue Flame Six, 'Glide, and original rearend. Same goes for the all-original body panels, bucket seat interior, trim, and chrome. Just like having money in the bank.

0811chp_08_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1970_chevy_chevelle_malibu 9/32

'70 Chevelle Malibu
Wes Colby
Houston, TX

Ain't No Sleeper
While Colby's 'Bu looks like the revenge of Pro Street, it's actually a street and 'strip defiler filled with more goodies than Santa's bag. That bitchin' BDS 8-71 works 6.5 psi over an 8.6:1 compression ratio and puts out 791 hp and 780 lb-ft. A heavily modified 2004R, built by Mike Kurtz, has a billet input shaft and drum, a 2,800-stall converter, and a custom deep sump pan. It's backed by a steel driveshaft, Tom's Differential 12-bolt, Stage 3 Eaton carrier, 4.10:1 gears, and Moser 33-spline axles. Monocoque Racing Wheels measure 15x8 and 15x10 and carry BFG 2 35/60 and 325-50-15 Drag Radials. Wes put lots of Year One restoration stuff inside and Ty Thomas (Kustom Paint and Body) applied the single-stage urethane. Hard bushings, QA1 coilovers, and a 1.25-inch antisway bar up front juxtapose factory coils tempered by KYB shocks and Malibu Performance lower control arms. Pro Street was never like this.

0811chp_09_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1957_chevy_bel_air 10/32

'57 Bel-Air
Mike Karns
Dayton, OH

Blessed Be The Icon
We're suckers for a clean '57, but when they're as pristine as Mike's, we babble and drool. It's more about the iconic presence than anything else. Mike's had this piece for 38 years, folks. Aside from modernization with 17- and 18-inch Coy's M-5 wheels, an all-wheel disc brake conversion, tubular control arms, and a Borgeson quick-ratio steering box, the raggy's recipe is straight out of the old days. A 355-inch motor passes torque to an M-21 four-speed and on to the 4.11:1 Posi rear. "I assembled the chassis, driveline, suspension, and brake system," says Mike. "Tim Dolle and Bob Minnish did the paint ['06 Chrysler Blaze Pearl Red] and bodywork, while Cragers Auto Interior [Centerville, Ohio], did the top and the interior. Mike Dolle built the engine, Joe Klepacz built the transmission, and Scott Bell [Dayton] performed the electrical work."

0811chp_10_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1966_chevy_nova 11/32

'66 Nova
Eric Brown
Pomona, CA

Rollin' His Own
Mr. Brown bought the car as a basket case and did 90-95 percent of the work in his home garage. It seems that the Nova is caught somewhere between full-on race car and street and 'strip. Regardless, it's a very clean rendition of a body style we can't seem to get enough of. Eric and friends inserted a full interior that all but hides the eight-point rollcage. He also did the bodywork and applied the medium blue paint. The car has a 406 small-block with Dart heads, a roller cam, a 850-cfm Holley on a Victor Jr. intake manifold, Hooker Super Comp fenderwell headers, and a 3-inch exhaust system with Dynomax mufflers. For those random, insane bursts, he plumbed in an Edelbrock nitrous kit. He spreads power to the tarmac through a Turbo 350 transmission behind a 4,200-stall converter to a mini-tubbed 9-inch axle with 4.10:1 gears.

0811chp_11_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1967_1969_chevy_camaro 12/32

'67 RS/SS Camaro, '69 RS Camaro
Rick And Joan Aron
Rogers, AR

Hard Head & Topless Dancer
Here's a switch: a hot rodder and his wife who like driving more than lying underneath and massaging their prides and joys. They bought the '67 convertible from a retired mechanic four years ago all the way over in Philadelphia. Rick and Joan enjoy tooling it to Classic Chevy and Goodguys shows as well as local events. Whenever possible they drop the top and drive it everywhere. Its 350 is plied by an Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap intake and a 600-cfm carburetor and rumbles through Dynomax mufflers. The '69 RS coupe is more of a daily driver. Future plans include a lowered front suspension, new paint, a 300hp 350ci crate motor, an Edelbrock RPM intake, an Edelbrock 600-cfm carburetor, and a butt-kicking audio system.

0811chp_12_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1990_chevy_silverado_ss 13/32

'90 SS Silverado
Zac Ansted
Whitehouse, OH

Gramps Would Dig It
This truck started out as Zac's grandfather's toy. Zac was just going to fix the body and leave the engine for later. A friend had a similar truck with a blown up motor and also happened to be a terrific bodyman. Zac traded the 454 and Turbo 400 for a slick Mercedes-Benz black paint job. His bud Junior Streib helped him with the motor, now a 496 with an Eagle crank and rods, aluminum heads, a complete MSD setup, and an Edelbrock intake topped off with an 850-cfm Demon carb. The engine has been proofed at over 530 lb-ft of torque. Zac added a 3,000-stall converter and a beefed Turbo 400. Future props include a Team G single-plane, drag radials, a locker differential, and a manual valvebody. Yup, Gramps would be proud.

0811chp_13_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1970_chevrolet_corvette 14/32

'70 Corvette
Barry Thorfinnson
Rancho Mirage, CA

The Lusty Patriot
As a high school kid back in the day, Barry craved cars like this, but alas, had no funds for such frippery. Now, he's thumbing his nose with an LS5 454 that makes 600 hp. His numbers-matching car has an M21 transmission and Posi diff. He had the block punched 0.030 and capped it with ported heads with stainless steel valves over 11:1 pistons. A Doug Herbert roller pushes 1.7:1 Scorpion roller rockers. Fuel delivery is by a 750-cfm Mighty Demon carburetor over a Torker II intake. Ceramic-coated Hedman primaries dump into QTP electronically controlled header dumps. He upgraded the binders with Vette Brakes parts and beefed the suspension with new shocks, bushings, and trailing arms. Cragar SS wheels and Goodyear GT II tires provide grip.

0811chp_14_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1985_chevy_monte_carlo_ss 15/32

'85 Monte Carlo SS
Kevin Sidey
Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada

Northern Light
G-bodies are really starting to come into their own," opines Kevin. "It's refreshing to see others recognizing them as a great platform to build on." He added additional bracing throughout to stiffen up the body and upgraded handling with Belltech springs and BFG 245/60R15 Radial T/As on rebopped '86 SS wheels. A mild Goodwrench 350 inhales through a Trans Am shaker and exhales through Edelbrock headers connected to a factory Y-pipe with dual Dynomax mufflers and 3-inch stainless steel tailpipes. Kevin swapped in a five-speed from a '92 Camaro using a '93-97 F-body hydraulic assembly, as well as a '91 Caprice serpentine belt system, a 36mm hollow sway bar from a WS6 Trans Am, and a 3.42:1 limited slip rear from an '87 Buick Grand National.

0811chp_15_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1997_chevrolet_corvette 16/32

'97 Corvette
Ty Mason
Alto, MI

C5 Sensation
As slick as this car is on the outside, the real magic flows from a 408ci LS2 block fitted with a custom A&A Corvette camshaft, 10.5:1 compression from Eagle forged pistons, L92 cylinder heads with 72cc chambers, an L76 intake manifold sporting a 90mm throttle body, 60 lb/hr injectors fed by a Racetronix pump, and a Procharger at 9 psi. Ty massaged the LS1 ECU. The chassis carries modifications commensurate to engine output: C5 ZO6 shocks and antisway bars, C6 Z51 brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 275/35ZR18 and 345/30ZR19 rubber on Complete Custom Wheel hoops, an RPM Transmission-built six-speed, and 2.73:1 gears turning hardened half-shafts. Ty drives his 200-mph rocket daily, but never in the rain.

0811chp_16_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1964_impala_ss 17/32

'64 Impala SS
Tom Palansky
St. Charles, IL

Bratwurst B-Body
We remember when these rides were more popular than any Chevelle of the period. Dig those dual slanted antennas. This one's a dry-air car, which was assembled in Southgate, California, and spent most of its early life in Las Vegas. The car originally ran a 250hp 327 that Tom swapped for a 300hp version, but inevitably that wasn't enough. He's currently with a 0.030-over 400 small-block that features Eagle forged rods, AFR 195 heads, an Edelbrock RPM intake, and a Speed Demon carburetor. He favors the 200-R4 because the ratios are closer than those in the 700R. The interior is custom cloth. He highlighted the long lines of the body with American Racing alloys and upgraded to disc brakes.

0811chp_17_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1968_chevy_camaro 18/32

'68 Camaro
Jeff Straup
Palmerton, PA

Posthumous Praise
Todd Shupp did this car's ground-up build for Jeff, who was taken by cancer two months before the Camaro was completed. Todd based it on a body-off resto with a tube chassis certified for 7.50s. The drivetrain includes a big-block with all the goodies, a Turbo 400 with a 3,000-stall converter, and a 9-inch housing with 4.11:1 gears. Todd finished the car off in a Medium Charcoal Metallic basecoat with a PPG clearcoat. The chassis is done in gloss-black base/clear. Stock-appearing upholstery is complemented by a ration of Auto Meter gauges. "Since I was responsible for the build," says Todd, "I felt it only right to submit the car for Jeff's widow, Valerie." Well done, Todd.

0811chp_18_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1983_chevy_el_camino 19/32

'83 EL Camino
Harald Weldon
Copperas Cove, TX

Clean & Subtle Camino
We'll let Harald speak for himself. "I drive this car daily and compete in local shows, and while my El Camino may not compare to the $50K or $60K cars that are usually featured in magazines, I do think it represents the direction that high prices for fuel and everything else are going to drive the hobby, at least for the majority of us. Most of the modifications were done with newer stock parts, upgraded components, and lots of labor. A great deal of it came from eBay. I refurbished the body mount bushings, suspension, steering, and brakes. It has a mild 350 with a Corvette TPI, a 700R4 overdrive, and 3.42:1 gears. I put in some Monte Carlo SS power buckets, did some subtle body mods and styling touches, and added 15-inch Corvette wheels with 235/60R15 rubber."

0811chp_19_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1995_chevy_s10 20/32

'95 S-10
Aaron Gullion
Ashmore, IL

Off-Road Assassin
No street machine, this. It's been upgraded for straight line work with a backed-halved rear suspension, ladder bars, and coilover shocks tending a narrowed Ford 9-inch turning 4.11:1 gears and 32x17.5 M/T ET Streets. Its 360-inch small-block spins a steel crank, Speed Pro pistons, 10:1 compression, and a Comp Cams Magnum 292H. Induction is served by Dart Iron Eagle heads, 1.5:1 roller rockers, a Weiand Team G intake, and a Holley 750. Ignition bolts from a Mallory Unilite distributor, an MSD coil, and an MSD 6AL box. Cooling comes from a new GM radiator, an electric fan, and a CSR electric water pump. The motor is backed by a Powerglide with a Pro-Brake and a 5,000-stall converter. Exhaust vents through 1 7/8-inch headers made and coated by JR Racing. An eight-point cage and racing harnesses cover the safety quotient. Check out the reverse-hinged cowl hood. Aaron's little killer is looking for mid-7-second eighth-miles.

0811chp_20_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1967_chevy_camaro_rs_ss 21/32

'67 Camaro RS/SS
Jeff Noll
Mukwonago, WI

Mukwonago Orange
Jeff put plenty of effort into the Orange's ancillary systems before he brought the power and reliability of the ZZ4 HO crate engine into the nest. He propped up handling power by inserting polyurethane bushings everywhere, followed by Edelbrock shocks, 2-inch drop spindles, front and rear antisway bars, and Comp Engineering traction bars. This stuff rolls on 17x7 and 17x9 Vintage Wheel Works V40 two-piece alloys and Goodyear F1 rubber. Jeff did the exhaust with Hedman shorties dumping into a 2 1/2-inch Magnaflow exhaust system. He also did all the bodywork and primer before he turned it over to Bruce Young at Jamie's Customs (Vernon, Wisconsin) for the DuPont Hugger Orange. Torque passes through an 11-inch Centerforce clutch, through the M21, to a 10-bolt Posi with 3.73:1 gears. Though the interior is pretty much stock, it's pin-neat and flashes a gaggle of Auto Meter products.

0811chp_21_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1966_chevy_nova_super_sport 22/32

'66 Nova Super Sport
Bill Pratz
Pennsville, NJ

SS Protocol
In '92, "Pennsville Bill" Pratz bought a heap. It needed a total rebop, including the floorpans, a reliable drivetrain, and a fresh, new inner sanctum. He built his street shark the right way. The honorable 383 little-block was produced by Speed-O-Motive to yield more than 400 hp with a Demon 750-cfm dual-feed, Dart aluminum heads, ceramic-coated headers, and an MSD distributor and 6AL box. He put the hex on cooling problems with a Griffin aluminum core and hooked all the accessories to a Billet Specialties serpentine belt kit. Bill moves the gears in the Muncie with a Hurst C/P shifter (Line-Loc, yes!) and sends the grunt to a Moser 12-bolt holding Richmond 3.55:1 gears. Ground speed is diluted by a CPP disc brake kit's slotted and drilled rotors. Ol' Bill finished it up with a Marina Blue basecoat and clearcoats.

0811chp_22_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1967_chevy_camaro 23/32

'67 Camaro
Carlos Garcia Jr.
Albuquerque, NM

High Country Crusher
Here's a switch: Our man Carlos found this car in Ohio, not the arid environs of his southwestern home. When it was all over, he had a dusky jewel done over in DuPont Super Jet Black. Carlos gave no hints regarding the interior. No, this dude's all-motor 555 and the uncommon drivetrain take precedence. OK, the 9-inch fitted with 4.11:1 cogs, a Detroit Locker, and Strange five-spline axles isn't out of the ordinary, but when was the last time you saw a killer Jerico DR4 race box in anything? "I dig old-school," says Carlos. Though his car vibes race track, the motor's 10.5:1 compression lets it swill pump gas. It's got some tough cookies, too: Crower bottom end with Ross pistons under Victor rectangular port heads and a 1,250-cfm Dominator. The motor fires through an MSD setup and pushes the exhaust through 2 1/4-inch Hooker Super Comps into Borla cans. At a mile up, the car runs 10.60s at more than 130 mph, so at sea level it's good for high 9s.

0811chp_23_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1956_chevy_bel_air 24/32

'56 Bel-Air
Allan Gervais
Clifton Park, NY

See Ya Later, Alligator
Allan began the Tri-5's three-year trek to wellness by replacing all of the body panels, followed by a complete body-off rotisserie restoration. The hood got a custom bump and the wizened 265 got tossed. Soon a Boyd Motor Works (Mayfield, New York) 468 was rumbling up front and dyno-testing at 500 hp and 550 lb-ft. He put a beefed-up turbo 400 and a 12-bolt underneath to handle the grunt. Ceramic-coated headers and a 2 1/2-inch exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers make for a great sound. Rack steering and tubular A-arms make it hunker and handle. It's encouraging to see this old guy in such fine fettle, especially since it's the mid-year car rather than the all-too-popular '55 and '57 renditions. In a while, crocodile.

0811chp_24_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1969_chevy_camaro 25/32

'69 Camaro
Glenn & Carol Price
Saucier, MS

Latter-Day ZL1
Glenn and his pals scratch-built the bitchin "Li'l ZL1" in 31 months. Rather than horn in a fat-block, Glenn swapped a Brodix raised-cam block and CNC 227 cylinder heads fitted with 2.10/1.70 stainless valves. The motor was built by McMurty Automotive in nearby Gulfport with an Eagle 4340 crank and rods swinging 10.3:1 JE pistons to make it a 454ci small-block. McMurty used a complete Comp Cams hydraulic valvetrain, a Stef's 6-quart pan, an Edelbrock CNC Super Victor, a Mighty Demon carburetor, MSD electronics, and coated Hedmans with a 3-inch custom stainless exhaust system by Klein Muffler (Gulfport). As a vicious road car, handling is assured by a complete Martz front clip, rack steering, drop spindles, and subframe connectors. DSE mini-tubs were installed by Richard Stephens Race Cars (Gulfport) to service the Martz four-link system that includes coilover shocks, a Panhard bar, and a splined sway bar. A Strange 9-inch with limited-slip, 4.10:1 gears, and 31-spline axles tucks up in there. Big Wilwoods hide behind Coddington wheels and 35-series Michelins. The Magnetic Red Metallic tri-coat color and bodywork were executed by Wayne McCarty and Son (Saucier, Mississippi).

0811chp_25_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1963_chevy_nova 26/32

'63 Nova
Patrick Tibbett
Santa Barbara, CA

Cruiser Deuce
Patrick purchased this cherry '63 Nova back in 2001 when he was just 16. The paint was already complete, but since retiring from the Air Force in 2007, he's been able to dedicate more time to the little deuce. The front suspension features a TCI front clip with 2-inch dropped spindles, disc brakes, and rack-and-pinion steering. Out back, a 10-bolt rearend houses a set of 4.10:1 gears, hardened axles, an Eaton posi unit, and CalTracs bars. Powering the cruiser is a 10:1 compression 350 that's been bored 0.030 over, with stock rods and pistons, a Comp Cams 292H cam, Dart Iron Eagle heads with roller rockers, and an Edelbrock Air-Gap intake that's topped off with a 750 Demon carb. Patrick's choice of exhaust includes a pair of Hooker Super Comp headers which couple to 2 1/2-inch piping with 40-series Flowmaster mufflers.

0811chp_26_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1968_chevy_camaro_ss 27/32

'68 Camaro SS
Jimmy Stanford
Athens, AL

By The Numbers
For all the modified cars we entertain at CHP, and especially Camaros, it's refreshing to enjoy a complete numbers-matching restoration as an indicator of how far our hobby has progressed in the last 40 years. The brash red is GM074 paint under five coats of urethane clear. Jimmy's SS has logged only 85,000 miles since birth. He restored it in '05 without being influenced by the world around it. An original SS package, it came with a 300hp 327 engine backed by a Powerglide. It's been under Jimmy's wing and tutelage for 13 years now, and it won't be going anywhere any time soon.

0811chp_27_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1972_chevy_nova 28/32

'72 Nova
Mark Panzarello
North Fort Myers, FL

Panzarello's (Lightweight) Panzer
Reducing mass is like adding horsepower. Mark replaced steel parts with fiberglass ones, in this case lightweight front fenders, cowl hood, and deck lid. He painted the Nova DuPont Hugger Orange, mini-tubbed the framerails, and stuck a 15-gallon fuel cell and a 12-bolt Posi with 3.73:1 Richmond Gears between them. It's bigs an' littles rolling stock: Wheel Vintiques Rallyes, 15x4 front and 15x10 rear (the rears with 6-inch backspace), to accommodate those tall 275/60s. Mark enriched the drivetrain with a Turbo 350 sporting a JW 3,800-stall converter and a B&M shifter. The Panzer is powered by a 500hp 468 four-bolt main fat-block turning a steel crank and Wiseco mini-dome forgings. The ported and polished heads receive nourishment from an Edelbrock Performer 2.0 intake. Flowtech headers extract the unburned hydrocarbons and push them through 3-inch Flowmaster mufflers. All is not quiet on the home front.

0811chp_28_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1984_chevy_monte_carlo_ss 29/32

'84 Monte Carlo SS
Todd & Lori Briggs
Casey, IL

Best Motor Forward
Todd opines: "We have been working on the Monte for 10 years now and enjoy driving as well as showing it, even with gas at $4 a gallon! But like all projects, it'll never be really done." We say hoorah and hoist a big beer for the Briggses and their progressive attitude. Todd took a relatively popular car and did the time to make it just as cool as anything else out there. It's powered by a 333ci little-block straddled big time by a B&M Mega Blower and Edelbrock quads. The transmission is a modified Turbo 350. It passes torque to the 3.42s in the original 10-bolt. The paint is OEM Metallic Blue enhanced by a pearl-infused clearcoat. Todd pilots copious ghost flames from a custom interior setting swathed in blue tweed.

0811chp_29_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1968_chevy_malibu_300_deluxe 30/32

'68 Malibu 300 Deluxe
Paul Wright
Bay City, MI

One Eye Open
Take a close look at this pristine piece. Everything you see seems to reinforce that bone-stock notion until you catch the rear tire sipes in your periphery that mark 'em as Mickey Drag Radials. Now what? Build a serious 331-inch small-block to put in it, of course, but Paul saved the original drivetrain to reinstall if it came down to a numbers-matching shout. He bought his sleeper four years ago and changed everything out so he could run the motor at 7,000 rpm. Ahh, graybeards, remember that sound? The high-winder provides an 11:1 compression ratio via KB domed slugs and 64cc RPM Performer heads. Paul slid a Cam Motion hydraulic roller in the block and paired it up with Harland Sharp roller rockers. Induction swirls through a 650 Holley and RPM Performer intake. Torque is plied by a Turbo 350 with a 4,000-stall converter to a 12-bolt with 4.33s. The drive tires are 2 75/60 Mickey Thompson ET Street Drag Radials. Keep an eye out for this one.

0811chp_30_z Chevy_readers_rides_muscle_cars 1994_chevy_camaro_z28 31/32

'94 Camaro Z28
Jim Packard
Sugar Grove, IL

T-Top Guru
It's been a long process getting the car to this point, but I had lots of help from the people at [the Northern Illinois F-Body Association], of which I am president," 'fessed Mr. Packard. Yeah, you might have already seen his ride in a recent Nitto tire ad. He had Jerry Clayton Racing Engines (late of the Keeling and Clayton F C) build him a 355-inch LT1 with a forged bottom end and reworked heads fitted with cut-down LS-engine 2.02/1.60 valves. All valvetrain hardware is titanium and springs are Comp 918s pressed by Comp Pro Magnum 1.6:1 roller rockers and worked by a Crane camshaft. Proformance Racing Transmissions supplied the worked 4L60E along with a Hughes 3,000-stall converter. Jim's a known ace with T-top installs and he cut some for his Camaro. All the chassis components are from UMI Performance. To bring the body back to its tuxedo sharpness, C&S Autocraft restored all the panels to current condition.

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'87 Camaro LT
Tony Bruno
Springfield, PA

Stroker Breath
Tony's had his ride since '93 and unbeknownst to everyone save aficionados, it is somewhat rare. In '87, the LT replaced the Berlinetta and was produced for just one model year-there were only 784 of these third-gen Camaros ever built. During its tenure with Tony, this LT was fitted with a 383 stroker motor, a tunnel ram intake posting a pair of 600-cfm Holleys, and a 250-shot NOS Pro Fogger system. Down the power line, it incorporates a strengthened 700R4 transmission and a 4.10:1 Auburn limited-slip. He built a custom 3-inch exhaust system featuring Flowmaster mufflers and stopped to sip a cold one. The interior was already too clean to mess with as was the original sheetmetal. To give it a little bit of history, Tony added an anniversary stripe and the side emblems from a '67 Camaro. Tony's taken many show trophies and he only drives it on weekends in good weather.



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