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LSX Shootout Auto Show Review - Bumpin' In

Rick Jensen Mar 1, 2008
0803gmhtp_01_z Lsx_shootout_thoughts Editor 2/1

Now that the GMHTP staff is back from memphis, here are a few thoughts regardiNg the LsX shootout:

The car show was OK, and had several really clean GM examples, some unique engines (like a 458 LSX and a custom twin-turbo LS), and some cool hybrids, but it would have been great to have more entrants on hand (that said, we would just as soon have you racing!).

Showdown index racing had a good turnout (over 60 vehicles), and there were some exciting 9-13-second races to watch. Still, that number leaves room for improvement for next time.

The number of entrants in True Street was outstanding-even though there was some overlap with the NMCA's True Street class and there were only seven vehicles that averaged 11.0 seconds or quicker (22 vehicles averaged under 12.0). And it seemed like many of the TS competitors also raced in the other classes.

True Street folks were out having a good time, enjoying the cruise, and running some fast cars. This was a great class that took a 10.1 (LSX) and 8.6 (overall, also LS-powered) average to win!

All Motor is a class with great potential: though only six vehicles entered, some serious naturally aspirated technology was on hand vying for the championship. Maybe there were only six because every single one of them qualified in the 9s, and though it took a 9.50 to win, one entrant cracked off a 9.0 at over 150 mph in qualifying! Will this be a side-by-side 8-second drag race next time?

Though 12 entrants is a decent number- especially since it took a 7.8 e.t. to win-we heard from several Drag Radial hopefuls that never made it to Memphis. It could have used a few more competitors. That aside, this was an electrifying class to watch, as seeing boosted and nitrous LS engines, set to kill, lining up for 8- and 7-second runs had to be the high point of this author's young career. It may take a 7.50 to win Drag Radial next time.

Beyond the racing, the vendor booths were spectacular: we aren't used to seeing this many LS vendors outside of the trade shows, and it validated just how far this engine family has come. Warren Johnson was wandering the pits checking out rides, the Nitto girl was kickin' (as was the Nitto Party), and for track food, it was damn good (next time you're at Memphis, try the turkey legs).

I want to take this time to thank Scott Parker, Joe Rode, Chris Werner, John Ulaszek, and Tony Whatley for the great work they did that week (that's Scott (left) and Chris doing beer curls). Thanks to the Reese family for putting us up (handy tip: next time, hide the markers before you fall asleep, Brian). And, of course, thanks to the NMCA and GM Performance Parts staffs for all of their support.

But events are all about their participants, so most importantly, what did you guys and girls think of the LSX Shootout? Rules, classes, facility, location, etc.? I'd really like to know, so if you have an opinion on the LSX Shootout, and ways that you'd change it for the better, e-mail me

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