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GM Cars - Street Heat

Jan 4, 2008

Send high-res digital photos and a description of your high-tech performer to:, or mail to GM High-Tech Performance, 365 West Passaic St., Rochelle Park, NJ 07662. All photos are presumed to be for publication, and GMHTP reserves the right to edit accompanying descriptions.

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While stationed in Iraq, Jason Randall left his 2002 B4C Camaro in capable hands.The former high-speed pursuit vehicle for the Texas State Troopers currently wears a true dual exhaust, a BBK intake manifold, and an 80mm throttle body with Scorpion fuel rails and 45 pound injectors to provide all the air and fuel his LS1 needs. However, an LS6 head-and-cam package along with a 125 hp shot from a Nitrous Express wet kit helps keep the Gen III happy. Tuning is done by a Jet Performance programmer, that, along with a 3200-stall converter, has helped the car run high 11s on motor and high 10s on the sauce. As if this combo wasn't spicy enough, Jason is having a friend do more work on the car while he is away to see if he can whittle those times down a little more.

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Missouri native Gerald Antoine now calls Redondo Beach, California, home, as does his '86 Grand National. This super clean Buford sports a TA60 turbo, Duttweiler intercooler, Champion Racing heads, an Isky cam, RJC Power Plate and TA Performance headers. This combo easily puts out 350 hp at the wheels and is backed by a rebuilt 200-4R with an Art Carr shift kit and a 3,200-stall converter. An SMC Alky kit supplements Cali's low-grade 91-octane, which is supplied by 42 ppound injectors. A TurboTweak chip and MAF translator keep the stock computer in tune as a ScanMaster keeps an eye on the vitals.

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Saving The Last Dance
Tom Burns drove all the way to Las Vegas from his Murrieta, California, home to purchase one of the last 2002 Camaro SS's to roll off SLP's assembly line. His meticulously maintained SS has been enhanced with Edelbrock shorty (smog- legal) headers, an SLP Y-pipe, and a Cat-Back. SLP's catalog was also sourced for an airlid, MAF,underdrive pulley, 160-degree thermostat, 1.85-ratio rockers, and a tune. Crane springs, titanium retainers, and Manley pushrods also help the LS1 manage 351 rear-wheel horsepower. A McLeod twin disc clutch, SLP 4.10 gears, and subframe connectors get that power to the pavement with the aid of Mickey Thompson 295/45R17 drag radials mounted on stock SS wheels that have been powdercoated black. An RK Sport strut tower brace, torque arm, Panhard rod, lower control arms, Eibach lowering springs, and Michelin Pilot Sport front tires also do their part in aiding traction and agility.

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Isn't That SSpecial?
John MacLeod and his 2001 SS hail from Jefferson City, Missouri. Besides his factory SLP-optioned Dual/Dual Cat-Back and SS wheels, the Camaro also boasts MSD plug wires, NGK TR55 plugs, an SLP airlid, Smooth Bellows, a Loudmouth muffler, and a custom tune. A built 4L60E and Fuddle Racing 3,600- stall converter help the LS1 assault a set of Mickey Thompson drag radials. This winter, long- tube headers and a cam will make their way into the SS's engine bay, John says, which should definitely get this Midwestern musclecar going.



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