2002 Chevy Camaro SS - In Rare Form

Jeremy Donovan's Fast And Unique 35th SS

John Ryan Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

A regular attendee of the Camaro nationals at Carlisle, as well as the f-body Gathering held in Atlanta, he has always had a great time showing his car, and checking out all the other cars that show up. he was perfectly happy until a friend arrived with the GMMG Phase ii package, which features substantial performance upgrades and a power increase to 480 crank horsepower. his friend let him take the car for a ride, and it wasn't long before Jeremy was on the phone with matt booking an appointment to drop off the car. the performance upgrades include a custom Comp Cams hydraulic roller, ported OEM heads, Dynatech headers, high-flow catalytic converters, and a SPEC clutch. matt tuned this burly combination with Ls1 edit. this combination cranked out an impressive 440 rear-wheel horsepower. Driving the car is a lot of fun for Jeremy, and he says most of the miles the car has racked up have occurred after he installed the Phase ii package. the car has since visited GMMG a third time, for a line lock, custom seat inserts, and an electric cutout. only time will tell if Jeremy is finished with upgrades for his 35th, though you will find folks on his favorite Web site, www.Chirpthird.com, talking about Ls7 swaps.

His love of the Camaro has not gone unnoticed. after participating in an essay contest, he was selected along with 11 other diehards to visit the Gm Proving Grounds to check out and drive the prototype 5th Gen convertible in spring 2007. a fully functioning car, he and the others were allowed to drive it and then spend some time with the Camaro brand team, who were interested in their feedback. for a longtime fan, being able to talk to the individuals bringing the 5th Gen to market is a dream come true. Jeremy thanks scott settlemire for helping him make sure he got his 35th, matt Murphy for making his car a blast to drive, and his wife Ginger for being incredibly supportive of his addiction to Camaros. Looks like he needs to make room for another one pretty soon!




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