2002 Chevy Camaro SS - In Rare Form

Jeremy Donovan's Fast And Unique 35th SS

John Ryan Feb 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Eibach springs give Jeremy's 35th the perfect stance. The GMMG Phase I package included the SS grille and shorter bumper stripes.

Do you remember the first time you saw a Camaro? Jeremy Donovan was just a kid when his family bought a 1971 Camaro SS, but it kindled a love affair that still burns to this day. When Jeremy got his driver's license, he inherited the second Camaro they owned, a 1977 Z28. Jeremy loved that car, even though it was 14 years old. When he graduated high school, he was presented with the keys to a 1983 Camaro Z28. Years later, he was able to buy his first new Camaro, a 1997 30th Anniversary Z. He still owns all three cars.

When he heard that 2002 was going to be the last production year for the Camaro, it was a bittersweet moment. on one hand, the f-body's future was uncertain at best, but on the other hand, he had just been present for the unveiling of the 35th anniversary SS at the Camaro nationals, which are held every year at Carlisle. from the moment he laid eyes on it, he knew he had to have one. his local dealer received a visit from Jeremy the following Monday and took his order. Like most enthusiasts, Jeremy kept in touch with the dealership, waiting to find out the target production week (TPW). Weeks turned into a month, and then into several months. Knowing there were only going to be 3,000 35th anniversary editions available in the united states, Jeremy started getting nervous. hanging out on the SLP message board had made him pretty anxious, seeing other prospective 35th owners happily posting their TPWs. While browsing some marketing materials associated with the release, he found contact information For Scott Settlemire, who is considered by many to be the godfather of the f-body. Scott called him back a few days later, took down his information, and tracked down his car. a grateful Jeremy was able to tell his dealership when the car was going to be delivered before it even knew. the dealership, still skeptical that the car was going to show up, was carefully instructed to leave all of the protective packaging on the car, so that Jeremy could remove it. Four hours later, the car arrived. a short time later, his car made its maiden voyage down the highway. Life is full of bizarre moments, but the strangest moment in his life happened 10 minutes later. traffic had ground to a halt, and while his car sat swathed in its protective wrapping of plastic and paper, a horse barreled straight toward his car. "the horse got so close to my new car that i could have touched it by sticking my hand out!" Jeremy recounts. once the horse was secured, he resumed his journey home. about 48 hours later, after his 35th had been unwrapped and had a bath, and a few starter coats of Zaino, his plans were put into action. From the moment he came across GMMG,Jeremy was impressed with the special edition cars it was building, its attention to detail, and its reputation for high-quality workmanship. Though he had talked with matt Murphy a few times in the past, the opportunity to actually work with GMMG arose after he purchased his 35th edition. While busy with various special editions, like the Berger cars, GMMG had also announced its plans to release a 35th anniversary Camaro Performance edition. after he dropped off his car, it received the Phase i package, which features a performance upgrade to 380 crank horsepower, achieved by upgrading to GMMG'S air induction and its chambered exhaust. the Phase i package also included various handling upgrades, and several cosmetic changes, including the front grille with the SS Badging. stopping was enhanced by an upgrade to C5 Z06 front brakes. Jeremy also found some Z06 wheels that had been modified to look like the 35th wheels, and those found their way onto his car.




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