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Edelbrock 555CI Street-Pounder
Edelbrock wanted a ton of horsepower in a street-friendly package, so eight-time Pro Street world champ drag racer Pat Musi was drafted to help develop and hand-build this 555ci street pounder.

To make a ton of power yet retain reliability on the street, they started with a Dart Big-M block. The package also includes a Scat crank, JE pistons, and Eagle H-beam rods. Of course, Edelbrock's own Victor 24-degree cylinder heads, Victor 454-R intake manifold, and 800-cfm Thunder-series carb are used in combination with Crane Gold-series rockers and a roller camshaft mated with an MSD distributor and a Moroso oil pan. And the added bonus to this killer deal? How about 650 hp and 650 lb-ft with a warranty. That's right, Edelbrock will warranty this big-block crate motor for two years with no mileage limitations.

Price: $12,800
Torrance, CA

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Stop It!
13-Inch Brake Kits
Classic GM vehicles were known for their high horsepower and ability to shred the tires with the blip of the throttle-not for their ability to halt quickly. That's changed with Performance Online's 13-inch cross-drilled and slotted rotors. They feature full floating aluminum calipers with dual 38mm pistons, all of their assemblies are clearanced for proper fit and function, and they come with spindles. These kits are available in stock height or with 2-inch drop spindles. Performance brake pads, bearings, seals, hubs, brake hoses, grease caps, spindle nuts, mounting brackets, and all the necessary hardware are included.

Price: up to $1,000
Performance Online
Fullerton, CA

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Rev It Up
Solid Rolller Lifters
Cutting weight is always a good thing-especially in your valvetrain. Comp Cams' solid roller lifters for Gen IIIs are 14 grams lighter than their original design and allow for carefree upper-rpm revving. Thanks to an enhanced, pressure-fed oiling design to the roller axle and bearing, Comp Cams ensures longevity, and the lifters can be purchased individually or in sets of 16.

Price: $606 / SET
Comp Cams
Memphis, TN




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