1995 Chevy Camaro - Wild at Heart

Bill Bowling's juiced-up LT1 Z28

John Ryan Oct 5, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Most engineers don't have nicknames like "Wild Bill," but Bill Bowling's friends bestowed it upon him due to his insatiable need for speed. Bill has owned a lot of fast cars over the years-and also a nitrous-huffing Hayabusa cycle for good measure. During the week, Bill manages an OEM exhaust plant, which makes perfect use of Bill's industrial engineering degree, which he got in his home state of West Virginia. Currently residing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Bill prowls around in his immaculate dropped 1995 Camaro Z28 convertible. His brother originally purchased this black beauty from a mutual friend, who had dropped in a built 383ci stroker and installed the Nitrous Express kit. With the opportunity to purchase the car from his brother, Bill didn't hesitate and snapped it up. While already a strong runner, Bill added some other modifications to the car, including a custom rollbar, bent by Bill himself. And being in the exhaust business, it's no surprise he also fabbed a custom Cat-Back. Eibach springs, along with a set of 19-inch HP Design EVO wheels, give the car a slammed, g-Machine stance.

Some readers might recall meeting him or seeing his ride on the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2006. He could be seen having a great time while banging gears or rolling with his buddies from engineering school who had named themselves the Whirling Motion Rubbish Club. Because Bill has a nitrous setup, he is an honorary member of the club, and heads up the Reciprocating Motion Rubbish Club chapter. A little spirited driving made him a member of a new club, named "Honey I Broke the Car and Had to Leave it in Florida." Bill's engine said "negatory" to the 300 shot of nitrous. Quick to hear the death rattle, Bill shut it off, and was able to leave the car with his father who lived nearby. Flying home was a melancholy end for what had otherwise been a great time. Retrieved a few weeks later, the car sat for a while until Bill was able to find time to pull the engine and survey the damage. The engine was eventually freshened, and received a new set of forged slugs. Bill also went for the win/win, and went with a bigger cam. The engine cranked out a highly respectable, naturally aspirated 439 rear-wheel horsepower, and 650 rear-wheel horsepower on the jug.




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