1968 Chevy Camaro - Right Out The Gate

This '68 Was Gone

SC Staff Aug 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)
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When Brad Herberger contracted the build of his dream car-a '68 Camaro g-Machine-he told the Camaro's builder, OPM Customs in Tempe, Arizona, "Guys, I am going to put 60,000 miles on this car next year." When the finished product rolled out of the shop, it didn't take OPM long to realize that Brad was going to make good on his pledge. But that's jumping the gun.

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When the project first began several months ago, Brad had a few must-haves already on his list. First, he wanted his ride to be unique, which seems hard to accomplish with a "bellybutton" car like a First-Generation Camaro. Second, he wanted it to be as reliable as a new car, even though it was going to be heavily modified. Third, he wanted it to have all the modern-day comforts and luxuries to which we have all grown accustomed. For the fourth...we'll get to that later.

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After OPM had its way with the Camaro, Brad got to jump behind the wheel of his Camaro. All it took was one ride, and he was convinced that OPM delivered the goods. With a simple Guttman Scalogram (a test where you check a box next to the question for a "yes" or "no") Brad affirmed that all his "needs" were, in fact, met. What questions were on his scalogram?

* Check 'em out for yourself:
* flawless black paint
* supercharger
* fuel-injection
* six-speed transmission
* four-wheel Wilwood racing disc brakes
* Boze custom billet 18-inch wheels with Z-rated run-flat tires
* rack-and-pinion steering
* racing-derived high-performance front and rear suspension
* Arizen Racing heated leather front seats with matching backseat touchscreen DVD/NAV/CD, with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound
* Electric-Life reverse-tilt hood, power windows and door locks
* a complete set of Auto Meter Lunar gauges
* cruise control
* ice-cold A/C (machine-gun turret is extra)

It's pretty plain to see that this Camaro has it all!




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