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Camaro Concept

Bob Mehlhoff Jul 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)

Young GunsBrittany Lippold's fourth-gen Camaro packs a punch with its K&N air filter and five forward gears. Cumberland, Maryland, is where Brittany calls home and where you can find her cruising her jet-black Camaro through town. She tells us she recently put her girlfriend's Mustang deep in her rearview mirror. Those driving skills were learned at the wheel of her boyfriend's LS1-powered '98 Z28 on U to the 2. Sounds like Brittany enjoys keeping with fast company. -BM

Stick It!This is your chance to show us your Chevy High. We know you're sporting the CHP logo somewhere-probably on your car-but hey, creativity counts! Snap a photo and e-mail it to us at If we dig it, we'll publish it right here in the Garage

Need a sticker? Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Chevy High Performance, Attn: Stickers, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Shots Heard 'round the WorldThe Latest Ramblings From The Net

Maybe those of you who work for or have connections at GM can shed some light on the subject. Rumor is that Toyota is going to or talking about buying GM

Dynacorm seems to think they can recreate an entire body shell!

I posted a few months ago about my Z71 and everything was going fine until I came on here bragging [about hitting 315k miles]

The Power Of The MediaA recent story in the Detroit News stated that both Toyota and Honda have been boosting their horsepower numbers on some models ("Toyota, Honda Must Fess Up to Less Vroom," March 13, 2006 ). It turns out that with the auto industry's new SAE certified horsepower testing program (test procedure J2723 in effect), Toyota and Honda lowered published ratings on some engines that are virtually unchanged from last year. The lowered ratings for '06 range from a 4 to 20 horsepower drop from the '05 figures. And while this occurs, U.S. automakers generally publish horsepower ratings at or below the actual readings.

After reading this story I was reminded of a friend of mine who a few years ago bought a Toyota SUV after looking at many domestics. The day after his purchase he called me at the office to tell me that one of the reasons he decided to buy his Toyota over a GM product was because the Toyota had a slighty higher horsepower rating. Then, months later, he bought a ski boat and complained that his Toyota struggled at full-throttle towing on grades. In essence he made a buying decision based on erroneous information that he did not even question.

After the Detroit News story ran I looked for other reports. In Southern California I watched the local newspapers, news stations, and the 24/7 cable networks. I also looked on several news sites online. Guess what? I didn't find any coverage.

I can't help but wonder that if domestic automakers (especially GM) advertised higher than actual horsepower numbers how frequently we would be overpowered with widespread front-page news coverage. -BM

For SpeedThis January I spent three days in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the Barrett-Jackson auction. For any car guy-or someone with even a passing interest in cars-the show is beyond exciting. Unlike watching it on TV, standing there, hearing the crowd, walking the aisles, and smelling the exhaust is an experience that exceeds expectation. Besides the endless rows of over 1,500 cars waiting to hit the auction block are the sellers, buyers, and general public who come out to witness this phenomenon. Sure, some say the auction is not reality and the prices are beyond the cars' true value. But for the most part, the cars are stellar examples from years gone by. For those with the credentials to buy, it's definitely a fun way to spend three days and find your dream car.


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