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Bob Mehlhoff Jul 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)

As far as the new Camaro is concerned, right now I am willing to forgive and forget. I like the ominously cold, you-shouldn't-have-messed-with-me stare from the taillights. I might make the front rectangular grille spacing a little smaller, more like the '69. Provide a cold-air induction, and I'd surely have a check box for a 427ci powerplant and a six-speed manual tranny. C'mon boys, it can be done. Make sure you put in a switch to disable the 8-6-4 economy stuff. Make plenty of room for the wide meats in the back too! The Camaro is a fighter-let it come back with a vengeance!

Oh, yes, where do I place my order? It's OK to have three Camaros, right?RobDracut, Massachusetts

You can never own enough Camaros, Rob. Executive editor Terry McGean over at our sister pub Car Craft owned two '67s and a '69 at one point. We're trying to pry the remaining '67 from him, but he won't part with it.

I wouldn't change anything on the new Camaro; however, I would offer stripes as an option on the Z28, similar to those on the '69 Z28. If the General prices this car right, it will be as popular as the first-generation Camaro. In 1967 my wife and I purchased a new Rally Sport convertible and a '67 Impala SS hardtop. The Camaro was priced comparably with the Impala-less expensive, actually. That's the kind of pricing structure it will take to sell a lot of these cars. If it is overpriced, it will end up like the SSR, cancelled shortly after introduction.

I've owned 20 new Chevys and currently have an '05 Impala, an '04 Blazer, a '96 Z28 (summer-only car), and a '34 Ford coupe (Chevy-powered). I'm ready to place an order as soon as the car goes into production, if it is priced fairly.

Nice to see The General getting back on track.J. M. WeidnerVia e-mail

I don't write anyone regarding cars, repairs, or mods. I do, however, feel it is my duty as a lover of Camaros and current owner of an immaculate all-black '02 SS to voice my opinion in hopes someone at GM will hear my pleas to build this gorgeous new car. We have waited too long for GM to show us this new beauty (four years is an eternity for us die-hards). Words can't describe how I felt when I laid eyes on the pix of the new Camaro Concept. It was near perfect. It wasn't a replica of the old, but didn't stray far from it either.

The nose looked like it came from a Cadillac. That's not to say it looked bad, it just looked like it kind of doesn't belong with the rest of the car. GM needs to offer up a stronger-performing engine. I won't complain with the LS2, but Dodge will have the Hemi 420hp Challenger. I believe I'll check the box for the 505hp LS7! Keep the wheels the same size as they are now (21s and 22s). Don't change a thing on the exterior. Offer up some colors for that translucent orange-colored wraparound dash thing. What is that anyway?

I doubt it will ever be offered, but how about the T-top? That's one thing on my current Camaro I would hate to give up. And no, I will never own a convertible. I just don't like them. GM should also consider adding as standard the rearview mirror with the garage door opener, direction heading, and temperature gauge. That might seem petty, but it's old technology by now and should have been offered a long time ago. There are other options I would like to see, but all I really want is what everyone else wants: a newer, better, faster, wider, cleaner, higher-gas-mileage, better-handling, badass Camaro. Tell GM to build what they unveiled and not to worry and I promise you it will sell. And to help keep that promise to GM, I am saying right now that I truly hope I will be the first in San Antonio to own the new Camaro. Until then, I'll be dreaming of my new baby.Douglas IdenSan Antonio, Texas


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