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Bob Mehlhoff Jul 1, 2006 0 Comment(s)

Check It OutIt's new, it's fresh, and we dig it. If you hadn't already taken notice, we've pushed off our news department and replaced it with CHP Garage. Rather than bore you to death with mediocre news bits, we've integrated your letters with news items you can relate to, book reviews, and the latest thoughts and happenings on the Internet-think of it as a graffiti wall of sorts. You'll even get to read monthly scribbles from staffers Bob Mehlhoff and John Nelson. Quite frankly, don't miss out on Nelson's first rambling. It's not only entertaining, but it proves we're only human too. Keep in mind that this is also your place to rant. See something cool on the streets or have interesting news items that just won't fit in another department-this is the place for it. Send all e-mail and images to -Henry D.

In the May '06 issue we showcased the new Camaro Concept and asked you to submit letters regarding your personal opinion. Since then, we've been receiving them at a steady pace and decided to share a few. We're still planning to send the letters to GM, so keep them coming at -HD

I've seen photos of the new Camaro since October 2005. I've been writing GM every month telling them they should build this car and give it an affordable price tag. Not $30,000-plus, but in the mid-$20K range, and it'll sell like hotcakes. I'm 56 years young and would like to see the new Camaro on the streets again. Anyways, tell GM (which I retired from) to build the Camaro and we will buy it.Daryl BrooksPrescott, Michigan

I'm 32 years old and have owned a '69 SS Camaro, a '75 Pro Street Camaro, and now I own a '99 Z28. I love everything about the new Camaro, and my wife and I plan on purchasing one, assuming GM decides to build them. I would like to think I will be able to special-order one with specific options. Also, I hope they plan on building a convertible, especially since my wife has been wanting another one, and nothing would make me happier than for it to be a Camaro. The car also needs to compete with the new Mustang-I mean in price, not performance. After all, we all know the Camaro will outperform the Rustang. Thanks for listening, GM, and we hope to see you at the dealership soon. Thank you from a loyal Camaro ownerA.J. Fowlkes Chapin, South Carolina

Build it and we will buy it. It's the perfect mix of nostalgia and leading-edge technology. I'm already making room for it in my garage.Ralph WhiteSpring, Texas

Like you, I would also welcome the return of the Camaro. I haven't been in a GM dealer's showroom since 2002. Parts counter, yes; showroom, no. I'll soon be in the market for another Camaro to add to my stable of three: a '73 LT, an '84 Z28, and a '98 SS. Recent news out of GM and a pessimistic outlook lead me to believe I'll have a '69 in my driveway before GM has the production molds for a new Camaro in their hands. Nonetheless, I still hold out hope that the car gets into production. When it does, I hope GM will give us a lot of ways to truly individualize our car. Break those pesky option packages into smaller bits. Some of those options should include classic striping, and bring back the old COPO-style radio delete, get'r-done, go-fast cars. There should also be a version for drag racers, autocrossers, and road racers, which would go further to promote the car than any form of conventional advertising.Roger BrendeckeVia e-mail

I have to tell you, I was pissed at GM for stopping production of the Camaro. So much that I went to Chrysler twice. (You hear that, GM? Twice.) I refused to get a Ford.

I kept my fourth-gen Z and first-gen '69 coupe-they'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands. Vettes are too expensive and too darn preppy; I prefer the get-down-and-dirty not-so-civilized performance from a Camaro. They never let me down.


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