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Haven't Seen Your Car In The Magazine? - Camaro Z/28

Don't Give Up Hope

Tony Kelly May 4, 2006

Ronald Casadei was just having a regular day around the house recently when the phone rang and some guy asked him if he still owned a black and gold '69 Camaro Z/28. Ronald said he still did, and who wanted to know? Well, it was us, and we wanted to know because the car was slated to be featured in Camaro Performers. Never mind that we photographed the car almost five years ago at the Maple Grove Super Chevy Show. We just needed to make sure the car was still in the same hands because if not, we would try to call the new owner and get permission. Fortunately for everybody, Ronald still has it, still enjoys it, and is happy we're putting it in the magazine.

This Camaro spent about 20 years in Tennessee before Ronald found it on the Internet. It was original, but needed a total restoration. The original 302 motor, M-21 transmission, alternator, starter, interior, rearend with 3.73:1 Positraction, etc., were still on the car. All the numbers matched and it had only 58,000 miles. Ronald made a deal for the car and took it home.

The interior was good enough that it was left alone during the restoration. The dash hadn't been drilled or broken during the car's life. The engine was rebuilt with machinework by Weston Machine in Piscataway (we love saying that), New Jersey, and assembled by Randy Kurachik, but left at 302ci. Kurachik also rebuilt the Muncie four-speed, which uses a Hurst Comp Plus shifter.

The car was repainted in the original black and gold with black vinyl top. Paint and bodywork were performed by Auto MD's in Bonhamtown, New Jersey, using DuPont Olympic Gold. Rallye wheels mount Goodyear Wide Tread GT's, size E-70-15. We're pleased that Ronald still owns this car, but we're not surprised; what else could a Camaro fan want? For all the rest of you who may have had your car photographed by our staff, don't give up--we'll get around to you sooner or later, and we hope you think it's worth the wait.


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