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STS Turbo-Powered GTO Makes 670 RWHP With Stock Cubes

Andrew Schear Jan 31, 2006

Step By Step

The standout additions to the engine bay are an RK Sport strut tower brace as well as MSD Blaster Coils, SLP 1 5/8 Mid Length headers, and SLP AFR 225cc heads, which help the forged stock cube LS1 produce 673 hp at the wheels on only 10 psi.

They may call it the Yokohama Proving Grounds, but the professional drivers from Yokohama and Russell Racing School had no problem burning up a set of BFGs at last year's SEMA show. The drivers later told Frankie that his GTO was "the most fun street car they ever drove."

Brake Pros cross-drilled and slotted rotors are displayed through the stock 17x9 wheels that have been powdercoated black by The Shine Shop. The custom flames are courtesy of the legendary Bob Spina of Bob Spina Customs in Las Vegas.

This desert Goat is stiffly suspended by Eibach lowering springs, SLP bushings and a heavy-duty rear sway bar. So far, the stock CV shafts have remained intact, however, the driveshaft has been replaced by a BMR 3.5-inch aluminum piece and a Harrop differential cover has been added for extra security.

Goats are not the type of animal that ordinarily strike fear into the hearts of men, but when they wear a 67mm turbo where the muffler should be--it's best to stay out of their way. Frankie Montrone's STS Turbo-equipped 2004 GTO proves just how mean a stock cube LS1 can be by belting out over 670 rear-wheel horsepower in street trim with only 10 psi of boost. However, with boost cranked up to 15 psi, Frankie has gone 10.40 at 138 mph (at elevation) at his hometown track Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Though strapping on a larger turbo and shooting for 9s is very tempting, Frankie is more inclined to keep a collar on this beast so that he can still feel confident taking his young son for rides in the GTO. "The car is already insane, even in Fourth gear when you are into the boost you get almost completely sideways." This sensation, though, is not at all unwelcome as Frankie has started developing a taste for drifting after doing donuts at a demonstration during last year's SEMA show where we caught up with him.

As the story goes, Frankie nearly purchased-brace yourself-a 2005 Mustang back in September 2004. However, his former boss, who also happened to own a local Pontiac dealership, convinced him to take the new GTO for a test drive and the rest is history. When he started itching for more power, the remote mounted turbo kit got the nod after much consideration and many conversations with the guys over at STS. Prior to installation, however, Frankie decided to give some insurance to the bottom end. Since he was in the process of opening his own shop, Furious Motorsports, a forged motor build would be the perfect way to break in his new technician Josh Molina and demonstrate their skills. A Crower forged crank was substituted for the OEM nodular unit, and the powdered metal rods were swapped for Crower forged I-beams. JE forged pistons were used to drop compression to a manageable 9-to-1, and an SLP heavy-duty oil pump was thrown into the mix to preserve the new bottom end.

With the motor already apart, changing the cam and adding a set of ported heads was all too convenient. A very lopey idle would be provided by a 248/256 duration, .600/.610-inch lift cam from LM Performance. Custom ground by Comp Cams, the bumpstick would help optimize the increase in air supply, afforded by a Garrett GT67 ball bearing turbo, with a 114 lobe separation angle. SLP AFR cylinder heads accomplish the same task via CNC ported 225cc intake ports, 65cc combustion chambers, 2.08 intake, and 1.60 exhaust valves. A Comp Cams shaft rocker arm package was thrown into the fray to increase the ratio to 1.8:1. No expense was spared in the STS kit either, as the air-to-air intercooler option along with the TiAL blow off valve were both checked off. A GReddy boost controller and turbo timer were also purchased to manage the spine-crunching torque. Meanwhile, connecting to the STS exhaust tubing is a set of SLP 1 5/8-inch Mid-Length headers with high flow catalytic converters to feed the turbo. An SLP 25-percent underdrive pulley was bolted up to the fortified short-block, and the stock LS6 intake manifold has the benefit of an SLP ported throttle body and 85mm MAF.

With so much power potential it would take the right components and the right tune to tie it all together. Bosch 42-pound injectors were deemed sufficient, as was the stock fuel pump, surprisingly, though it does receive some help from an MSD Fuel Pump Booster. NGK TR6 plugs, an MSD 6AL box, and MSD Blaster Coils provide spark with the stock computer still running the show. Based on the specs of the highly defined setup, Johan Mangs of DiabloSport developed the program to tune Frankie's GTO with the help of STS owner Rick Squires.

Despite a Dynojet-verified 673 hp and 694 lb-ft of torque, the drivetrain has remained completely intact. Even after bolting up a worn set of ET Streets for a few 10-second passes, there have been no projectile CV shafts or shattered shift forks to date, though both the rear end and transmission are mostly stock. Their durability can most likely be attributed to the SLP adjustable rear sway bar and bushings, which effectively remove most of the wheelhop. A Harrop differential cover, BMR 3.5-inch aluminum driveshaft, safety loop and subframe connectors were also added for good measure. A B&M Ripper short throw shifter is used to row through the T56 slushbox as a stout SPEC clutch is needed to grip the SLP lightweight flywheel.

Up until the GTO's stint on the SEMA proving grounds, a set of BF Goodrich KDWS was the rubber of choice. However, BFG generously donated a stickier set of 245/45R17 G-Force Sports to keep him from smoking the tires in every gear. When combined with the SLP suspension and RK Sport strut tower brace, the Eibach lowering springs enable balanced handling suitable for autocross, road racing, or even drifting--look out Rhys Millen!

Sometimes going fast isn't enough if you don't look good doing it. To kick the placid stock wheels up a notch, Frankie sent the 17x9s over to The Shine Shop to be powdercoated black. But for a hellacious flame job there is only one place to call in Las Vegas, Bob Spina Customs. Bob is a legend in the industry, and like a doctor he strapped on his mask and went to work. The custom flames bring hot-rodding history to the Australian-born '04 GTO, and help make it look every bit the furious, turbocharged Goat that it is.



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