Camaro Performers Is Ahead Of The Game

Concept Drawings Match The New Camaro Just Previewed

Tony Kelly Jan 17, 2006 0 Comment(s)

You've seen the photos of the new Camaro recently introduced at the Detroit and Los Angeles Car Shows on January 9, 2006. Now look at the Camaro concept renderings here - anything look familiar?

Since the February '05 issue of Camaro Performers, we have been featuring readers' ideas of what the next Camaro might look like, and they were close, very close. Matt Clark, a young Los Angeles resident and graduate of the Art Institute, and Murray Komant, an artist from British Columbia, Canada, both appear to be on the mark. We even re-ran a concept from as far back as the year 2000, which was intended to be the '04 Camaro. It was featured in Super Chevy and drawn by an artist who preferred to remain anonymous (rumor has it he was employed by a rival car company).

We are pleased that the new Camaro concept is now an actual running vehicle and that maybe we're on our way to a full-production car, and soon we hope. From the looks of the car compared with what we've been showing, either GM or Camaro Performers has it right - or maybe we both do. Most importantly, let's get a few of these made and in our hands!



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