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Bohannon's One-Stop Shop For A Complete '55 SS

Bohannon Concepts Nov 16, 2005

Gas station owners figured out long ago that they had to cater to two types of customers: those who wanted to serve themselves, and those who demanded full service. On one side of the pump, the driver hops out of the car and fills up, while on the other side, an attendant comes out and pumps the gas for you. Bohannon Concepts in Cookeville, Tennessee, has taken the full-service/self-service approach with regard to their '55 SS (Super Shoe Box) vehicle.

Bohannon Concepts have designed and built a one-stop shop fiberglass car modeled after the legendary '55 Chevy. The fiberglass body, which is built in-house, follows the lines of a '55 Chevy. The only non-stock aspect of the shell is that it features a 2 1/2-inch chopped top. For the self-service guy, the car is available with a number of options. First, the body itself can be ordered in several versions. One design is a street-rod body, while the other is a lightweight drag-race body. On both bodies, the firewall has been relocated to allow a big-block to be installed with ease, and the rear wheel openings have been enlarged for bigger meats. The drag-race body consists of a solid one-piece, lift-off frontend with a cutout floor pan to save weight. Because the body is designed for the nonprofessional builder, Bohannon Concepts has taken every step to ensure the smoothest assembly possible. The body comes with hung doors (complete with glass and power operators), an operating trunk, hood hinges mounted, and a dash panel installed, as well. Bohannon has also given the self-service user an assortment of chassis options for the body, the first being the stock frame with or without upgrades, second being an Art Morrison Tri-Five GT chassis, and last, the Art Morrison mandrel-bent 2x4-inch framerails with high-tech, late-model Corvette suspension and steering. Any of these combos can be ordered direct from Bohannon.

On the flip side of things, the less hands-on buyer can have Bohannon Concepts build the entire car for them. All the options listed above are available, along with more. Bohannon works in conjunction with big name players in the aftermarket world to bring the buyer a variety of options. Such companies as Wilwood, PPG, Currie, Newstalgia Wheel, Vintage Air, Paul Atkins Interiors, TCI Automotive, Flaming River, Hooker, and many more offer up their finest. Everything from A to Z will be taken care of by Bohannon when ordering your '55 SS. The buyer's only obligation is to pick the parts and to be the one to jump behind the wheel. The full-service package is designed to be as simple as a mail order catalog for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of taking their car from shop to shop, scurrying to get it done before their clothes go out of style. For more information, contact Bohannon Concepts at (931) 432-2953 or check 'em out on the Web at: Either way, there's a new kid in town when it comes to producing a cool Tri-Five, one that will definitely raise the bar among the new classic car crowd.


0601sc_01z 1955_chevrolet_bel_air Left_front_view 2/6

0601sc_02z 1955_chevrolet_bel_air Right_front_view 3/6

0601sc_03z 1955_chevrolet_bel_air Frame_view 4/6

Soon to be resting underneath a '55 SS is this decked-out Art Morrison chassis with a GM Performance motor connected to a TCI GM 4L80E SF tranny with Dynotech driveshaft and Currie rearend.

0601sc_04z 1955_chevrolet_bel_air Engine_view 5/6

The engine compartment has been moved back to make room for big-blocks. Bohannon designed a smooth and sleek compartment, as well.

0601sc_body_06_z 6/6

Underneath the sleek bodylines lies this one-piece floor pan, which allows for additional reinforcing, body positioning on the frame, large wheel tubs, a flat surface for seat positioning, and an enlarged tunnel for transmission flexibility.

0601sc_body_05_z 7/6

When the '55 SS is ordered as a complete ride, the car is taken to Paul Atkins Interior and Seats, where a custom interior is worked up.

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