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Gets A Second Gen

Oct 28, 2005

You see a lot of different kinds of Camaros being built for all sorts of different reasons. One thing you don't see too often is a Second-Gen Camaro being built to show off some of the most wicked automotive audio equipment.Tony Quinn initially intended to build a Nova for his next project, but upon arrival, the car turned out to be junk. Considering the drive took over five hours, he didn't want the trip to be a complete waste. Tony headed to the nearest gas station to pick up an Auto Trader, and as luck would have it, right around the corner he found a '73 Z28. He drove it home later that day.

His first thought was to restore the car back to original, but when he got to thinking about all the cool parts available, he changed his train of thought. Immediately, he began ordering anything and everything he needed for the Camaro, regardless of the price. Among the parts he ordered was a set of Boyd Coddington Magneato rims, BFGoodrich tires, Wilwood brakes, Dakota Digital gauges, Harwood cowl hood, and more. Tony did as much of the work as his skills would allow him, including the assembly of the 468 motor between the subframerails. Tony busted his knuckles while installing the TRW 9.5:1 pistons, oval port heads, a Crane camshaft, an Edelbrock Victor Jr. manifold, a Demon 850 carb, and more. But what really sets this motor apart is that every piece was powdercoated black; those are the perks of having your own powdercoating business. Nonetheless, when the hood popped, it was like staring into a black hole.

Although the Camaro was loaded with tons of cool stuff, Tony's big dream hadn't even started. He has always been into car stereos and figured, what would be cooler than installing a mean stereo into the '73? Tony started with a Pioneer CD/DVD head unit. Rockford Fosgate FNx2414 4-inch speakers were then installed in the front and rear of the car. Behind the rear seat are four 10-inch Fosgate subs in a custom box, and powering the subs and speakers are two Fosgate amps, one craning out 1,500 watts of power and the other 750 watts. In the trunk of the Camaro is a custom housing, which holds the amps, capacitors, and neon blue lights. You can just imagine the surprise when people peek into the '73!


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