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Chop, Cut, ReBuild: The Series The Finale

Done Like Dinner

Mike Harrington Jul 20, 2005

Done like dinner! The D&P "Chop, Cut, Rebuild The Series" two-door Chevelle wagon is finally a walking, talking, real-life car. Well actually it's been done for a few months, but now its actual Super Chevy-exclusive magazine life is born. For those of you who have been following the build for the past few months, the time has come to finally feast your eyes on the D&P Chevelle.

If you remember, the producers of "Chop, Cut, Rebuild The Series" approached Darryl Nance of D&P Classic Chevy in Huntington Beach, California, last spring to build a car for the up-and-coming season of "CCR." Of course, part of the deal was the fact that the CCR camera and crew followed the car anywhere and everywhere, but the real challenge was getting it done in six months to debut at the SEMA Show! But D&P was up for the challenge. As you may or may not have noticed, although time was short, there would be no cut corners. The D&P Chevelle is completely state-of-the-art.

Now if you noticed, unlike the TV show, we here at Super Chevy didn't cover every step of the build. Instead, we focused more on broad and strategic subjects like suspension, interior, drivetrain, and paint and body. However, not once did we give away the finished look of the care; we didn't want to steal any of the thunder or curiosity and push you loyal followers away from the boob tube or the SC pages. But on the other hand, this Chevelle has shown up in a few "John Doe" situations that you have probably seen before and didn't even know it. Like we mentioned in the first part of the build, the GM Performance Parts LS1 with the Magnuson Magnacharger did appear in the forefront of the Gen I small-block for this year's January cover. Remember the one with the first model Chevy small-block? D&P was also kind enough to clean up the 283 block to its original glory. That motor is the very same motor lying between the framerails of the D&P Chevelle. I know, some of you remember reading about that in part one of the following. But something you didn't know is that the D&P motor made a sequel appearing on the May 2005 cover. Yep, that's the D&P Chevelle with its GMPP/Magnuson-blown motor on the front cover! If you go back and take a look, you'll notice that's the very same car under your nose the whole time. The car is finally done, and here for your visual and mental stimulation, so enjoy. If you wanna know more about the CCR D&P Chevelle check out the last four issues of Super Chevy, or log onto the SC Web site. Also, be sure to be on the look out, as the Chevelle will be making cameos at various car shows. We would also like to thank the following manufactures for their support and contribution to the project: Art Carr Performance Products, BFGoodrich tires, Classic Performance Products, Custom Rod Gauges, Dynamat, Electric-Life, Fine Lines, Global West Suspension, GM Performance Parts, House Of Kolor, ididit, MA Audio, Magnuson, OASIS Wheels, Original Parts Group, QA1 shocks, Street & Performance.


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