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Mix And Match

Pleases Everyone

Tony Kelly Jun 7, 2005

Whoever invented the concept of mix and match is an absolute genius. The mix and match concept is vital to my lifestyle, especially when it comes to food. Because of the whole mix and match craze almost every fast food restaurant now has a dollar menu. Where else could you get a 5-piece chicken nuggets, double-stack cheeseburger, baked potato, bowl of chili, and a Coke all for five bucks? Only in America, but to be honest with ya, I was really referring to Wendy's. The concept doesn't just apply to food though, but everything, including the automotive field.

When Kim and Robin Gough set out to build the car Robin had always wanted, a '69 Chevelle, there was no holding back. Well actually there was. Since the car is technically Robin's, she didn't want anything too extreme, mainly dealing with horsepower issues. But other than that there was no holding back. The couple mixed and matched all different styles from the automotive field to make Robin's dream come true.

The most noticeable and unique theme carried throughout the Goughs' Chevelle is something that is more typically seen in the trucking and import crowd, carbon fiber. After being neighbors in the same complex with a guy who makes carbon fiber parts, Gough figured that's exactly what the Chevelle needed. Kim used the tightly woven material in all different places on the Chevelle, most notably the engine compartment. Kim custom-made inner fender panels for the Chevelle. He then took it one step further and covered the firewall in carbon fiber as well. As for the rest of the engine, and compartment, carbon fiber accents can be seen here and there. The carbon fiber theme washed into the interior as well. A custom center console was made for the Chevelle, while the rest of the interior is similar to the engine compartment with carbon fiber highlights.

For the rest of the car, Kim attacked the undercarriage with an army of parts from Hotchkis. The Chevelle received new A-arms, sway bars, spindles, brakes, and more. Colorado Customs wheels highlight the package. A 550hp motor was built that satisfies both Kim and Robins needs. The Rat puts out enough power to please Kim, and at times when more power is needed, with the push of a button a shot of nitrous goes straight to the engine. As for Robin, the Chevelle turns 2,600rpm at 75 mph and gets 6-10 mpg, perfect for driving.


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