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It Took Many Cars to Finally Wind Up With This One

Tony Kelly Jan 14, 2004 0 Comment(s)

Bruce Elliot went through some very cool cars on his way to this stunning '64 Nova. A '55 Chevy, a '70 Corvette, a '76 Trans Am, and a '77 Corvette were among the cars he had before he and wife Jean began a family. Of course, that put everything on the back burner for a while. Add the fact that he was working as police officer, there just wasn't a great deal of discretionary income. In 1995 Bruce could sense the impending start of college tuition so he jumped on a low mileage '89 Corvette while he could. Son Jimmy told him that Corvettes were for "old guys" and located a '67 Camaro. Father and son bought it together and started their project plan. Soon, however, they saw a '71 Chevelle Pro-Street with a great Candy Apple paint job, and dumped the Camaro for the Chevelle. Then they bought another Chevelle, a '70, and a '64 Chevy II with wheel tubs and a rollcage. They raced the Chevy II. These guys could wear out a car salesman!

When they finally saw the '64 Chevy II you see on these pages, it was all over. Bruce and son Jimmy sold the '71 Chevelle and the '64 Chevy II drag car. The Elliot's are enjoying the father-son experience and usually pick up major awards at Super Chevy Shows around the country. Let's hope they've finally found a keeper.





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