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A 21st Century Digital Warrior Emerges

Andrew Schear Sep 30, 2004

In this day and age, it's all about the 21st century digital warrior. And why not considering the fact that anyone anywhere can log on to to I mean seriously, you can find and buy anything you want at anytime of the day with just the click of your finger. You can even buy hard-to-find old clunkers that are sitting in the middle of a field out in Timbuktu, without ever leaving your house. At least that's how Cary and Daphne Bawcum found their '67 convertible Chevelle.

In October of 2001, Cary and Daphne logged onto the ever-so-elusive Internet and began looking for their next project. Unfortunately, just about the only thing the Internet can't do is solve arguments; because Cary wanted a '67 Chevelle hardtop Pro Street car and Daphne wanted a convertible custom. You can bet heads rolled, but eventually the two worked things out to a happy medium deciding on a convertible custom. They found an ad about a Chevelle in Illinois that seemed like a pretty good buy. But just like anything, pictures are worth a thousand words. When they caught a glimpse of the Chevelle the only place it should have been headed towards is the car crusher. Yet having 110-percent confidence in their body man, Jeff Parlow, they decided to go ahead and buy the Chevelle.

Once the car arrived home, it went under the torch and emerged as a re-skinned masterpiece. Then the boxed frame was decked out using Classic Performance Products and lots of powdercoating and detail. The same thought and design went into creating a stellar one-of-a-kind interior with a custom dash, center console, and door panels. For the Bawcum's the most fun part of building the car was coming up with a paint scheme that would be sure to turn some heads. They decided to go with a House of Kolor Bittersweet Orange to coat the car in. Then along the side is House of Kolor Tangelo Pearl ghost flames. I think it's safe to say this Chevelle is definitely a 21st century digital warrior.


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