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Living in the Wild West

Doc Holliday Rides Again...and in Style

Rob Wallace III Aug 27, 2004

Back in the late 1800s, the name Doc Holliday was enough to send people running for the hills. Even Wyatt Earp paid high praise for the man who saved his life on more than one occasion and was quoted as saying, "He was the most skillful gambler and the nerviest, fastest, and deadliest man with a six-gun I ever saw." High praise indeed, coming from that particular Earp brother. While years have passed since those long-ago days, neither time nor history has forgotten what the dentist turned gambler and gunslinger did for the legend of the Old West. That legend is revisited today--although in a much different light.

Today's Doc Holliday is far from the iconic figure whose reputation many have heard about. For instance, the legend's weapon of choice was gun and knife, while this Spring, Texas, resident chooses this House of Kolor Tangelo '03 Corvette over a pistol any day. The legend was an accomplished gambler and was wanted by the law for several nefarious acts, while the Doc Holliday Team VETTE has come to know may only see the local sheriff for the occasional speeding ticket. Accomplished gambler? Maybe. But you can bet his poker face falls when he steps on the pedal and blows away the competition thanks to a Lingenfelter 427-cid Twin-Turbo package. With just a touch of the foot (pull of the trigger?), Doc has a LS1 pounding out 750 horsepower to the tires. That's enough to send any opposing vehicle speeding for the hills. And who can blame them? The looks alone chase off most would-be challengers. But how did it get like this?

From stem to stern, Richey Collision Inc., of Houston, Texas, has remade the '03 into a machine that will make any would-be cowboy step back and say, "Whoa dogie." And that's without seeing the Lingenfelter Twin Turbo and its six-speed transmission. Up front, a Specter Werks hood was added to hide the sleeping beast that lies between the framerails. In the forward wheelwells, you'll find 20x9.5 BFG Versailles wheels wrapped in 255/30ZR-20 Michelin Pilot Sports, with slightly larger 20x10s out back handling a set of 275/35ZR-20s. But all of this would be moot without superior stopping power provided by Wilwood, aided by a pair of functional Z06 rear brake ducts that have been molded into the aft end of the rocker panels. Speaking of the rear, the last thing this Vette's adversaries will see when Doc mashes the pedal is the Specter Werkes GTR fascia accented by a grouping of Euro taillights. But horsepower means little if you plan on driving down the street with a bare interior. To combat this little detail, Doc had the insides re-covered in Black Ostrich, added billet-faced gauges, replaced the folding top with a removable hardtop by Caravaggio, and wired in an Alpine CD/DVD changer complete with two 15-inch plasma screens in the trunk. And that's barely scratching the surface--just take a look! And while you're looking, check out those cool flames and paint applied by Richey Collision Inc. The squirt job alone exudes horsepower!

So, if you're ever blazing a trail through Texas with some horsepower of your own, be sure to include the city of Spring on your itinerary and check out Holliday's Corvette. Just be sure not to ask Doc, "What's up," or you'll be staring down the barrel of a loaded Corvette faster than you can say, "Adios."



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