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Last Leg to Vegas

One more time for fun

Tony Kelly May 11, 2004

We've done this before, the Friday blast to Vegas for the Super Chevy Show. We won't have a show at Las Vegas next season, so there was all the more reason to go this year. That and the fact that any time we can collect 40 or 50 of the finest cars on the planet, scream through the desert on a bright sunny day, stop at a high school where a bunch of car crazy kids are waiting to see our rides and show us theirs, then be hosted by Hot Rod Grille for a cruise-night and bash in Henderson, well we've just got to go! We even fit in the season-ending Super Chevy awards banquet that same night. People don't go to Las Vegas to rest, you know, and we didn't.


Our pals at K&N Filters in Riverside once again hosted the kick-off. Coffee, donuts, goodies, shop tours, t-shirts, and ready to roll at 9 a.m. Thanks.

Smack dab in the middle of the photo, counting out raffle tickets, is Cesar Ramirez who makes the whole thing happen. He works all year (for free) to arrange sponsors, prizes, and publicity so that we can do some nice things for some kids in Los Angeles, where Cesar is a police officer.

In case any one on the road wondered what was going on.

Photographers like this run because they get to chase past everyone and stand on an overpass waiting for us. We even wave, sometimes. The mini-van wasn't with us.

The way it looks is the way it felt. Once out on the open road, Project X is in its own world.

Same goes for the other fine cars on the cruise. Sometimes it was nearly impossible to keep them civilized. Here we got them back in line.

Coronado High School in Henderson, NV, about a stone's throw from Vegas, has a very active auto technology school. The kids definitely dug our cars and had some of their own to show us.

Something about this guy's look says, "502, wish it was mine." Someday, bud, just keep working at it.

Friday night at the Hot Rod Grille on Hot Rod Hill. Pretty smart to put a fine restaurant and bar in the middle of a bunch of the best hot rod and custom car shops in town, then have cruise nights. Got to love the decor.

Famed auto and motorsports artist, Kenny Youngblood, lives nearby and can sometimes be found sketching a classic at the Hot Rod Grille. Some of his legendary work hangs on the HRG walls, along with memorabilia from all corners of the car world.

It wouldn't be a Las Vegas cruise night without some attractive admirers. They obviously appreciate fine lines.

We cleaned up a bit from the cruise and got to the Autostar year-end awards banquet in time for the festivities and a great night with Super Chevy Show friends.

Super Chevy race director, Bill Gustin (left in photo), had the pleasure of presenting the Waterloo Nitro Coupe Crew Chief award to Gary Irving. Even though Gary is a Nitro Coupe driver and team owner, the award was given to him in recognition of what he did through the season to produce near-record performances in his beautiful '37 Chevy coupe. Gary gets a real toolbox; Bill keeps the picture.

The climax of the evening was the Nitro Coupe Championship award presentation to Dan Nickelson for a great year. Nickelson becomes the Super Chevy Show's one and only two-time champion, and he did it in consecutive years! This is a tough act to follow.


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