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Sentimental Value

Sometimes Comes Out Ahead

Andrew Schear Dec 8, 2003

Pack rats: we all know one or at least know of one. In fact, I bet some of us are one, or at least have traits of being one--people that just can't seem to get rid of something, or anything for that matter. Some people hang on to things such as McDonalds Happy Meal toys, collector cups, and even cars. For Kip and Nancy Seckington, the item they just couldn't, and still can't get rid of is their '69 Camaro.

It was the spring of '69 and Kip and Nancy were planning their wedding. They weren't sure of what it was going to be like, but they were sure about the honeymoon. They decided to take a road trip to the Pacific Northwest, only problem was, Kip's hoopty and Nancy's jalopy would never make it. The two pooled their money together and headed down to the Chevy dealership. Together they decided on a Camaro and put in an order, and it car arrived just prior to the wedding. Afterwards they jumped in and headed out on their 2,500-mile honeymoon road trip.

Five years down the line, Nancy woke in the middle of the night. The couple jumped in the Camaro and headed to the hospital where their son was born. Three more years passed and they found themselves in the same situation, only this time with a daughter. As the kids grew up, and Kip and Nancy got new cars, there wasn't much room for the Camaro around the house, but how could they sell it after all the sentimental value? So the Camaro took a trip to the dreaded storage.

After 6 years of their beloved ride rotting away in the storage, they figured it was time to bring it back. The car was taken over to D&P Classic Chevy in Huntington Beach, California. The Seckingtons and Darryl of D&P talked about what could be done with the Camaro, and ultimately decided to take a modern approach. The boys at D&P started off by stripping the Camaro down. Then the '60s suspension technology was swapped out in order to make room for the new and improved. Global West catered to the handling needs of the Seckington's Camaro. Global West A-arms, sway bars, and springs along with Superior 2-inch dropped spindles give the Camaro the stance and rake. A set of 13.5-inch Baer Brakes supply the stopping power up front, while 13-inch Baer's handle the rear. A GM 385 Fast Burn engine gets the Camaro rockin' down the highway. Four hundred seventy horsepower is channeled through a Richmond five-speed and then into a GM 12-bolt rearend before it hits the pavement.

Once the mechanics were finished, D&P gave the Camaro a shave and haircut. Then they moved inside where a whole new interior was designed and crafted, and then covered in gray leather. Finally the newly born Camaro was given a bath in PPG Crimson Pearl paint. When you look at pack rats in this aspect, it suddenly doesn't seem like such a bad idea to hang on to some of those things many would consider junk.




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