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In-Nova-Tion Part 4

AIT's Super Street Nova Stretches Its Legs at the Denver Chevy Show

Mike Petralia Dec 31, 2003

For the past three months we've shown you the inside details of how a real Super Street car is built. The folks at ATI Superchargers were nice enough to let us watch along as they built their ultimate showpiece. The whole premise behind building this race car was so that ATI would have a convenient method to showcase their newest products to the people that will use them. The whole project took over two years to complete, and it was not an easy task. However, it's nice when a well-executed plan comes to completion, and it was fun watching such a plan develop from paper to a finished project, even if it did take a very long time. We wanted to show you some photos of the finished car that SUPER CHEVY's "Man-about-town" Tony Kelly shot at the '02 Denver Super Chevy Show. ATI's Nova drew huge crowds for the entire weekend and even laid down some rubber on an early morning check out pass.


0303sc_01z 1969_chevrolet_nova Left_front_view 2/8

0303sc_02z 1969_chevrolet_nova Right_rear_view 3/8

The parachute mounting and bodylines are straight as an arrow on ATI's '69 Super Street Nova.

0303sc_05z 1969_chevrolet_nova Right_front_view 4/8

When it's time to do the deed, ATI's Nova gets on the program. This photo was snapped in the early morning hours at the '02 Denver Super Chevy Show.

0303sc_04z 1969_chevrolet_nova Left_front_view 5/8

This car really is a Super "Streeter" and ATI won't hesitate to knock around a few blocks with their 1,200hp Rat huffing away.

0303sc_06z 1969_chevrolet_nova Engine_view 6/8

ATI's large-by-huge F-series blower dominates the driver's side of the Nova's engine compartment.

0303sc_07z 1969_chevrolet_nova Engine_view 7/8

Tons of custom ducting was fabricated to route boosted air into the intercooler, which sits inside the car.

0303sc_08z 1969_chevrolet_nova Interior_view 8/8

An Auto Meter Data Logger monitors the Nova's vital signs when it's hauling down the quarter.

0303sc_03z 1969_chevrolet_nova Right_rear_view 9/8

ATI's R&D project car is more than just your average everyday selling tool, the awesome stance and mean-muscle presence attract more attention than any billboard we've seen.

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