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2012 Corvette Nationals - Beauties By The Beach

Tony Rabbitte Apr 8, 2013 0 Comment(s)
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The car park covering the headland at Flagstaff Hill was swamped with 200 Corvettes of all eras, including the earliest models right through to a delectable '11 Carbon Edition Z06 

With six out of seven Australian states and territories boasting major Corvette clubs, and only one of those playing host to the Corvette Nationals each year, it can take a while for the event to take place in each major center. In 2012, that honor fell to the New South Wales Corvettes Unlimited Car Club.

Organizing Committee Chairman Bob Lynn tells VETTE that the '12 Nationals attracted Corvette owners from all over the country, as well as six from New Zealand and three all the way from the U.S. At its peak, the event saw 200 Corvettes enjoying the spring sunshine.

Lynn says that entrants tend to start arriving on the Thursday prior to the weekend event, getting in early enough to spend Friday preparing their vehicles for Saturday's show-and-shine at Wollongong's beautiful Flagstaff Hill. The popular beachside lookout found itself filled to capacity with virtually every model of Vette, from '55 through to an '11 Grand Sport and even an '11 Carbon Edition Z06. And thanks to the area's tourist-friendly vibe, plenty of spectators were on hand to appreciate the gleaming machines on display.

Previous-feature-car owner Charlie Spiteri and his incredible bright-red, late-model- powered C2 took all the top honors in the show-and-shine event, driving home with trophies for Best Interior, Best Engine Bay, Best Exterior, and Car of Show. With that portion of the show ending mid-afternoon, the festivities continued on into late evening with a "Rock and Roll Theme Night" at one of the local hotels, including a presentation ceremony for all the award winners.

Sunday saw the large contingent cruising their way around the Wollongong coastline and on to the Southern Highlands, visiting the historic Eling Forest Winery for a bite to eat and some responsible wine tasting for the drivers (and possibly some less-responsible wine tasting for the passengers). From there the group continued the scenic cruise, taking in a buffet lunch at Panorama House and weaving along the cliff face of the amazing 716-yard-long Sea Cliff Bridge.

With the 2013 event set to take place in Toowoomba (around 80 miles west of Brisbane) around Easter, now is the time to book your flights to witness Australia's largest annual gathering of Corvettes. Better still, find a shipping container and get in on the action yourself.

Winners' List
Car of Show Charles Spiteri
Best Interior Charles Spiteri
Best Exterior Charles Spiteri
Best Engine Bay Charles Spiteri
Longest Distance Traveled John Randell from South Australia (1359 km/844 mi)
Top C1 Mark Chalmers
Top Standard C2 Wendy Forman
Top Personal* C2 Keith Hoskings
Top Modified C2 Charles Spiteri
Top Standard C3 '68-'72 Keith Hoskings
Top Personal* C3 '68-'72 Jeff Farrugia
Top Modified C3 '68-'72 Nick Zankiewicz
Top Standard C3 '73-'77 Robert Kimball
Top Personal* C3 '73-'77 Jorge Vazquez
Top Modified C3 '73-'77 Steve Rosenfels
Top Standard C3 '78-'82 Alan McArthur
Top Personal* C3 '78-'82 Ray Smith
Top Modified C3 '78-'82 Brad McKay
Top Standard C4 '84-'90 Brad Stummer
Top Personal* C4 '84-'90 Murray Forman
Top Modified C4 '84-'90 Greg Seymour
Top Standard C4 '91-'96 John Randell
Top Personal* C4 '91-'96 Ross Reynolds
Top Modified C4 '91-'96 Les Kernya
Top Standard C5 Colin Elliott
Top Personal* C5 Gary Butch
Top Modified C5 Brian Stroheldt
Top Standard C6 Gary Nelson
Top Personal* C6 Jenny McMillan
Top Modified C6 Thomas Hayward
*"Personal" refers to vehicles with more than three and fewer than eight modifications, such as trim, engine mods, or other non-standard items.

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