2011 NCRS Old Town Meet - Keeping Authenticity Alive

The Old Town NCRS meet preserves Corvette's proud heritage

Walt Thurn Aug 1, 2011 0 Comment(s)
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After a long and faithful career in our project-car stable, our '00 "Pewter Rocket" coupe has found a new home in Tennessee. During its time with Team VETTE, we made many changes to improve both the looks and driveability of the car. This process required us to remove many of the stock parts, which were put in storage in case they were needed at a later date.

Vemp 1108 07 2011 NCRS Old Town Meet 10/16

That moment never occurred. So when the 33rd Winter NCRS event was held, we gathered up these leftovers and set up a booth on the show's vendor field. These parts included a complete set of C5 wheels/tires, front/rear sway bars, a front bra, fuel-rail covers, front/rear brakes, the stock exhaust system, a pair of headlight assemblies, the rear bumper cover, and other assorted items. In addition, we found two '89 pre-production ZR-1 wheels and tires, and decided to offer those for sale as well. We went to GM's online parts catalog to determine the retail and wholesale prices of each item. We then printed out this information out and took it with us.

Our first show day was Thursday under bright, clear skies. Many of the show's vendors came by to shop and offer us rock-bottom prices, which we declined. Some hard-to-find items such as our floor mats, bra, and fuel-rail covers quickly sold at or near our asking prices.

Vemp 1108 08 2011 NCRS Old Town Meet 11/16

Friday was our best and busiest day, with the wheels/tires, headlights, and air-cleaner system all bringing good money. Saturday was a little slower, but by the end of the day, we only had a few remaining items, including our bumper cover, ZR-1 wheels/tires, taillights, exhaust, and sway bars.

Overall, we pocketed close to $2,000, which easily paid for our gas and other trip expenses. If you have some Corvette parts lying around, we suggest heading to your nearest Corvette show--and putting some cash back in your pocket.




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