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Funfest '09 Spotlights Participants

Jeremy D. Clough Jan 22, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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The only thing that rain had affected was the presentation of the awards for the celebrity judging, which was postponed until the next day. The traditional Saturday night concert was still on; while past acts at the free show have included the Beach Boys, the Marshall Tucker Band, and Three Dog Night, the 2009 lineup combined the Jan & Dean show with rockers Survivor, best known for their hit "Eye of the Tiger," from Rocky III.

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The real highlight to the event, though, was the people, and you'll really miss out if you go and don't take the time to talk to other Corvette owners. My favorite Corvette at Funfest? A '73, used as a daily driver. The owner had done an LS1 conversion, on his own, so he could enjoy his Corvette more. In these days when the economy has so dramatically affected the income we have available for our hobbies, I really admired the fact that he'd simply done it himself, with a little help from the Corvette Forum. But I only knew the owner had done that because I stopped and talked with him. I'm sure there are many more such stories I never heard.

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I used to be fond of saying that every vintage Corvette, like every woman, is its own mystery, and there's a lot of truth to that. Each one has a story.

Some 10 years ago, Mid America released a book called When Did it Start for You? Compiled from stories that customers had sent in response to a series of ads, the book was simply people answering the question of when they first fell in love with the Corvette. That book, Volume One, has since sold out. Last year, though, the ads started running again, and Volume Two was out in time for Funfest. Makes me wonder what'll be new for next year.

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Special thanks to Ed Baumgarten, Dave Emanuel, Lori Worman, and Mike & Laurie Yager


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