2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 vs. Gallardo Superleggera - Upper Limits

Runway Titans Wide Open Throttle Pits America's Sports Car Against The World's Hottest Exotics

Christopher R. Phillip Nov 26, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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"I was extremely happy with the way all the participants performed, especially the Corvettes, [which held] their own against the much more expensive exotics. Craig Lieberman did an outstanding job from start to finish, and the results are amazing," Feingold says.

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While Feingold is certainly not the first to put together a group of fast cars and race them down an airfield runway, he may have started a trend that is infinitely safer than the alternative for most, which is the street. The advantages of going wide-open-throttle down a 2.3-mile runway are huge: no other cars or cross traffic, no traffic lights or turns, and no worry about law enforcement. So, could these high-speed blasts down empty airstrips be the drag races of the future? If Joel Feingold has his way, we wouldn't be surprised.

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Runway Titans Wide Open Throttle retails for $11.95 is available by visiting www.jbsblownc5.net. And be sure to pick up future issues of VETTE for information on Runway Titans Wide Open Throttle, Take 2, in which 10 of the best tuner-modified Corvettes on the West Coast go up against 10 exotics in a no-holds-barred runway shootout.

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