New GT2 Race Cars - Upping The Ante

An Exclusive Inside Look At Corvette Racing's Spectacular New GT2 Race Cars

Dr. Greg P. Johnson Oct 21, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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The remainder of the cabin is the same as before, with the conspicuous, gold-covered AC ducting and the solid rear bulkhead obstructing the driver's rear view. Monitoring what's going on behind the car takes place as before, on a small monitor mounted in the position typically occupied by a conventional rearvew mirror. The image is supplied by a small "bullet" camera mounted in the rear bodywork.

The GingerMan test found both GT2 C6.Rs circulating the track with no real difficulty. Although the engineers and drivers were still sorting out the finer details of brake bias and handling balance, all indications were that the team would be fully prepared to take on a very experienced and motivated GT2 field. The learning curve is sure to be steep, but as we've seen before, the Corvette contingent is always up for a challenge.




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