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The Peyrolles/Ruffier Z06.R Takes A Decisive Lead In FIA GT3

Walt Thurn Jun 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Vemp_0906_05_z The_fia_gt3_series Winners 2/6

Arnaud Peyrolles (left) and James Ruffier exult after winning Race 2 at Nogaro. They lead the drivers' championship chase entering the last event in Dubai.

Ruffier took over the Corvette and returned to the race in third. He quickly passed the second-place No. 19 Ford GT and set out after the leading Aston Martin. Ruffier was closing quickly when, with nine minutes left to go, the rearend cooler failed and the Corvette began smoking heavily. The wounded Vette was returned to the Callaway pit garage at 1 p.m. and subjected to a teardown. Repairs were finally completed at 6 a.m. the next morning, and the car was declared ready for Race 2.

Although he held the pole, Ruffier made a poor start by spinning the tires on the cold track. This dropped him to third, behind the No. 20 Ford and the No.10 Hexis Racing Aston of Fred Makowiecki and Jean-Claude Lagniez. Ruffier managed to get past the Aston on Lap 6 and settle in just behind the leading GT. After the pit stops, Peyrolles passed the Ford, which soon after fell out of the race with a broken differential. The Callaway car went on to take the checkered flag for the overall win, giving Peyrolles and Ruffier an 8-point lead in the championship race. Next stop Dubai, for the final two races of the season. Team VETTE will be there to bring you the results, so stay tuned.


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