Bloomington Gold Corvette Show - Offers New & Used Corvettes, Awards, Judging and More

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Why was Bloomington Gold created?

Until June 1973, older Corvettes were just thought of as used cars. Then things changed forever on the site of the McLean County Fairgrounds in Bloomington, Ill. More than 35 years ago, the Bloomington Corvette Show became the very first national show created specifically for the purpose of selling Corvettes and Corvette parts. The word-of-mouth traveled fast and within several years, literally thousands and thousands of Corvettes ended up in Bloomington for the show. Today, Bloomington Gold is still setting the quality standards for Corvette shows and continues to innovate events and concepts.

It's been said that several Bloomington area "locals" who were searching for Corvette parts were too lazy to drive all the way to the big swap meet in Hershey, Pa. So, they sent out flyers to Midwest Corvette clubs advertising a Corvette-only swap meet and inviting parts swappers to bring their parts to Bloomington instead. It worked. Then in order to add a little spice to the otherwise dull future of a swap meet only, a local stock broker funded trophies for original, unrestored and custom classes to be judged by good old boys from the local clubs. Although the bar wasn't set too high in terms of judges' qualifications, the stock broker's personal tastes favored original cars and the course was charted with an emphasis on originality from day one.

The judging standards may be a bit stricter today, but the DNA of the judging has stayed the course for 35 years. Add to the event a little driving, and the Corvette market of the 1970s turned the Bloomington Corvette Show into a commercial mega-event.

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