DTE Track Day - A Day At The Races

Corvettes Tear Up The Strip At DTE's Inaugural Track Day

James Miles May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Jerry Locke
Bargersville, IN
'99 Convertible
Best Time: 11.759 at 116.28 mph

Jerry Locke's philosophy is a simple one. "All Corvettes are fast," he told us, "I just wanted mine to be faster." With that in mind, Locke and his wife, Kathy, commissioned the construction of a 395ci stroker engine for their '99 convertible. With a rousing 420 rwhp and with 418 rwtq on tap, the car is ready to prove its point at a moment's notice.

Inside the heart of the beast, you'll find a Lunati crank and pistons with a compression rating of 10.5:1. MTI Stage 2 heads hold Crane springs, lifters, and pushrods that are bumped by a Lunati cam. A FAST intake fitted with an LS2 throttle body makes sure the C5 can gulp as much air as it needs to pound some sense into would-be challengers. Once ingested, all that air flows out through Stainless Works headers, SLP pipes, and Corsa mufflers. Like so many of its cohorts at Indy, the car employs a DTE-built, 3.73-geared rear.

"I thought my car performed really well considering how hot the day was," Locke told us. "I also really enjoyed the event. I only wish there had been more cars. But it was a good deal, and I appreciate being invited."

Vemp_0805_20_z DTE_track_day 2002_corvette 3/22

Dave Sachman
Indianapolis, IN
'02 Coupe
Best Time: 12.431 at 111.66 mph

Truck driver Dave Sachman and his wife, Colleen, took the cost-conscious approach to upgrading their Vette, netting impressive results along the way. The part-time cruiser, part-time drag car started its non-stock life with the addition of a Z06 manifold, ported heads, and a Cam Dynamics shaft. Throw in a set of LG Pro headers and a Z06 air cleaner and oiling system, and you've got a killer ride that won't break the bank. Dyno'd prior to the track meet, the car's output checked in at an impressive 392.89 rwhp and 375.60 rwtq.

"I thought [the car] performed well, but the tires gave it a lot of slippage," said Sachman. "The track, though, was fabulous. I had a great time."

Since the event, Dave has upgraded his C5 with a Halltech Warhead intake and AFR heads, bumping rear-wheel output to 415.73 hp and 401.30 lb-ft.

Vemp_0805_21_z DTE_track_day 1999_corvette_FRC 4/22

Steve Dager
Indianapolis, IN
'99 FRC
Best Time: 13.401 at 108.56 mph

As a retired sales engineer for International Truck, Steve Dager knows a good deal when he sees one. He and his wife, Pam, started with one of the best deals on the market-a '99 fixed-roof coupe. Stripping off the original manifold and replacing it with the Z06 version was the first order of business. Further enhancing the air flow are a Donaldson Blackwing air cleaner, Dynatech headers, and a Corsa Indy exhaust. Additional mods include Z06 front and rear suspension bits, brakes, and body upgrades. Judging by the results-344 rwhp and 342 rwtq-we'd say that Dager achieved his goal of, as he put it, "maximizing the car's potential."

"I was really pleased with the car, but a little disappointed in the wheelhop," said Dager of his track experience. "I'm working on getting a head-and-cam package next, as well as some Bilstein shocks. That should get me almost where I want to be.

"The track was super-wonderful, even. I can't say enough about the condition. It had some of the best traction I've seen in a long time."

Paul Gomez
Bloomington, IN
'03 Coupe
Best Time: 13.221 at 112.49 mph

Program manager Paul Gomez's '03 coupe serves mostly weekend duty, seeing semi-regular action at local track days. Not happy with the output of the stock motor, Gomez had DTE bump up the power with a custom cam and supporting valvetrain hardware. After all was said and done, the 25,000-mile engine cranked out 368 hp and 368 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels-pretty peppy for a weekend warrior.

"My car did great-though it wasn't me behind the wheel," Gomez told us. "I had Phil drive it so I could videotape its performance. I liked what I saw. It had a real easy take-off, and that impressed me the most. Overall, I had a great time, and I'm amazed by how well this [event] was run. It's great to have a firm that involves you in the buildup as much as [DTE does]."


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