DTE Track Day - A Day At The Races

Corvettes Tear Up The Strip At DTE's Inaugural Track Day

James Miles May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Not too long ago, we stopped by DynoTech Engineering (DTE) in Indiana to view the creation of the company's latest Viper-spanking monster, a C6 convertible fitted with an early-production APS twin-turbo system. Capable of putting a smile on the face of even the most jaded pedal-pusher, this E-Ticket ride served up serious power in a package that looked, sounded, and felt like a stock C6.

During our time with DTE proprietor Phil Rickard, we got word of an upcoming track day to be held at the O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis. Although Rickard had originally planned to spend the day testing out the capabilities of the company's new turbo toy, he decided to go all-out and invite friends and customers for a full-fledged drag session.

The weather was hot and dry for a late-fall afternoon. Under constant threat of a brewing thunderstorm, the Corvettes held their own, pulling down respectable quarter-mile times despite the building humidity. How well did they do? Read on and find out for yourself.




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