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Chevrolet Rev It Up - The Ultimate Test Drive

Rev It Up Brings High-Performance Motoring To The Masses

Christopher R. Phillip Dec 1, 2007
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What a great summer. Chevy made so many people smile at Rev It Up that we couldn't even count them all.
-Dan Passe, PR Director, Rev It Up 2007

To hear Chevrolet officials tell it, the company wants to give everyone in America the chance to experience its high-performance vehicle lineup. The proof? An all-Chevy-powered, enthusiast-oriented day camp called Rev It Up, which toured San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Orlando, New York, and Washington, D.C., this year during the months of July and August.

In its second season with Chevy as a title sponsor, Rev It Up once again put drivers behind the wheels of performance-oriented offerings such as the Cobalt SS, the Impala SS, the Trailblazer SS, and, of course, the Corvette.

"With Rev It Up, we [went around] the show driving and racing enthusiasts that Chevy is serious about performance," says Chevrolet Marketing General Manager Ed Peper. "Chevy is proud to be part of this exciting summer program that proves we not only talk the talk, we drive performance home-today and with our exciting future products."

VETTE was invited to enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at Rev It Up during its stop in Orlando, Florida, in July. Here's an overview of how the series works:

Participants of all legal driving ages get behind the wheel of identically prepared Chevrolet Cobalt SS coupes and compete against a "perfect" autocross time (assigned a 1,000-point value), set at each event by a professional driver. The 10 people whose times are closest to the pro's in each of two daily contests then move on to the Corvette Shootout.

This session uses a similar scoring system, but dispenses with the Cobalts in favor of '07 C6s. Match the professional time in the Vette, and you receive 1,000 points. Run slower, and you're assigned a score ranging from zero to 999, based on a mathematical formula. Beat the pro time, and you receive a score of 1,001 or higher.

The contestant with the highest score in each of the six cities is then entered into the final rankings; the highest overall score wins. This year's grand prize was a brand-new '08 Corvette-quite an incentive to brush up on your driving skills. Follow along with us as we check out some of the action from Rev It Up 2007.

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