ZR1 Ambushes Laguna Seca!

Vemp_0710w_01_z Zr1_laguna_seca_test 2/23

The Blue Devil, SS, ZR1 broke out in the open at Laguna Seca. The"BadBoyVettes" web site arranged a skull livery of the C6R's at Laguna and possibly involved in arranging this unveiling at Laguna of the longawaited secret GM car.

The taped section on the hood is camouflage. There is a significant bulge in the hood and no apparent scoop. The black strip either side ofthe hood are Velcro strips that held a cover over the whole hood. So all of the black on the car is camouflage. The rear spoiler has blacktape on it. The side scoops behind the front wheel are also taped over.The wheels are new and easy to see as well as the blue calipers (forblue devil?).

Johnny O'Connell drove the car on a 1 lap tour of Laguna Seca and then the car was put away. The PA announcer had no idea what it was so neither did the crowd watching the demonstration lap.

It toured the track fast and Johnny cooked the brakes big time. The car came in with both front brake pads on fire and smoking big time. He jumped out of the car and right into the #3 C6R in pit lane and went outfor practice.

The looks of the car are not striking (different from a Z06) and most expecting a big deal in the way of bodywork for this car will be very, very disappointed, at least it seems so far.



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