A&A Annual Corvette Blowout Event - An A-Plus Affair

A&A's Annual Blowout Draws Some Of The West Coast's Wildest Street Vettes

Drew Hardin Mar 30, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Joel Feingold
Los Angeles, CA
'98 C5, 626 hp/587 lb-ft
A big gun in 2005, Joel made the cut again this time around. And like our other heavy hitters, he came back and made even bigger numbers than before. Unlike the others, the changes Joel made during the year were limited to a bigger aftercooler tank. But it-working in tandem with a Vortech T-trim blower and methanol injection-was good enough to bump up his Vette's output from last year's 613 to 626 hp. And that was late in the day when the air in the A&A dyno cell was hot, smoggy, and far from optimal.

Engine: 346ci LS6 block
Reciprocating Assembly: Stock crank, Eagle rods, Diamond forged pistons, 9.2:1 compression ratio
Heads: CNC-ported LS6
Cam: Comp Cams 220-/226-degree duration, 0.560-/0.569-inch lift
Intake Manifold: Stock LS6
Throttle Body: Ported LS6
Fuel System: 55-pound Siemens injectors, custom fuel system with LP in-tank pump, inline Bosch pump, surge tank with Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump, fuel-pressure regulator
Power Adder: Vortech T-trim supercharger, methanol injection
Exhaust: Kooks headers, LG Motorsports 3-inch X pipe, Borla Stinger exhaust
Other Parts: C5-R springs, QA1 adjustable shocks, T-1 sway bars, Brembo brakes, Nitto NT-01 tires on HRE wheels

Steve Bastow
Santa Monica, CA
'06 Z06, 471 hp/447 lb-ft
Steve's Vette is a little different than the other cars profiled here-his was the most powerful stock C6 Z to cross the A&A dyno on party day. Steve's car was just the 37th Z06 built, and he was delighted to pick it up from Bowling Green.

Andy Green
Oxnard, CA
'05 C6 "Unfinished Project," 512 hp/458 lb-ft
Leave it to Andy to turn over 500 hp in a car he isn't even finished with yet. This black C6 actually belongs to one of Andy's customers, actor Adrien Brody, and it's on its way to being much more than you see here. At the party, the car still had its LS2 motor, fitted with a Vortech V-1 supercharger. Eventually the car will get one of A&A's forged 427s and probably a bigger huffer, with the goal of achieving 850 rwhp and more than 700 lb-ft of torque.




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