Mosport ALMS Race - The Canadian Connection

Gavin and Beretta slosh to a soggy Second at Mosport

Greg P. Johnson Jan 12, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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The Corvette crews were praying for rain, as they felt their wet-weather setups had been honed to a fine point. Unfortunately for them, conditions would continue to dictate dry-weather racing slicks for the entire race. In fact, aside from one full-course yellow that bunched up the field, the day was characterized by hard, clean, delay-free racing. The Mosport track lends itself to furious back-and-forth battles, and the four different performance classes within the ALMS field means there is always a speed differential among the cars battling for track position. It was a fun performance to watch.

Oliver Gavin and Olivier Beretta put in a heroic effort to push the leading Aston, at one point taking the lead in the GT1 class. But all their energy was for naught as the DBR9's power-to-weight advantage proved too great to overcome. As Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing Manager, said after the race, "We found out today just how far great pit strategy and flawless execution will take you-and that's to Second place."

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Meanwhile, Ron Fellows and Johnny O'Connell hammered the course relentlessly in a futile attempt to make up for lost time. In the end, the Astons finished First and Third in class, while the Corvettes took Second and Fourth. Both Corvette crews were flawless in the pits, and all four C6.R pilots put on a veritable driving clinic. However, the Aston boys were also on their game, and-aside from the early skirmish between Kox and Fellows-ran an essentially mistake-free race.

There are only two races left in the season with the teams off to Road Atlanta next for the Petit Le Mans spectacle. With 10 hours of racing in both daylight and darkness, endurance is certain to play a big factor. It will be interesting to see how the Astons and Corvettes square off in their next confrontation.

One of the highlights of the Mosport ALMS race was a special Corvette Corral. Participants had a chance to rub elbows with Corvette Racing team members as well as bigwigs from GM's racing division. But the real fun came on Sunday morning when every Vette driver had a chance to run his or her car on the track itself. Wet conditions kept the speeds down, and time on track was necessarily limited. Nevertheless, some very lucky owners got the rare opportunity to try their own hand at the best line around the Mosport circuit.

Special events such as this one are staged at selected ALMS races, so keep an eye out for an event in your area. It may offer you the chance to experience a famous track from the "right" side of the fence.-GJ




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