2006 ALMS Lone Star Grand Prix - Texas Toast

Corvette Racing scorches the competition in Houston

Greg P. Johnson Oct 6, 2006 0 Comment(s)

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
The Pratt & Miller team is absolutely fanatical about preparing its cars for on-track performance. One of the team's standard rituals involves vacuuming every inch of the C6.Rs prior to race day. Leaving nothing to chance and addressing every minute detail is a hallmark of Pratt & Miller preparation, and it's one of the many reasons why the Corvette Racing team is so formidable on the track.

Vemp_0611_14_z 2006_alms_lone_star_grand_prix Cleaning 2/14

Team member Ron Helzer begins painstakingly ceaning every part of the car.

Vemp_0611_12_z 2006_alms_lone_star_grand_prix Air_intake 3/14

This procedure includes vacuuming the engine's air-intake cleaner...

Vemp_0611_13_z 2006_alms_lone_star_grand_prix Radiator 4/14

...the entire engine compartment including every individual radiator fin...

Vemp_0611_15_z 2006_alms_lone_star_grand_prix Bodywork 5/14

...and the intake bodywork.

Vemp_0611_16_z 2006_alms_lone_star_grand_prix Sanitized 6/14

Every Crevice is sanitized with a sharp pick tool and vacuum to ensure that dust and debris are eliminated.


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